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“What the ROI on my firm’s marketing sponsorship investment?”

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Senior marketing executives are spending an increasing amount of their time analyzing the effectiveness of their historical marketing spend in order to optimize their marketing investments for the next year. One of the key questions usually relates to event sponsorships. From conference sponsorships to charity events to partner “pet” projects which events “worked” and which didn’t, understanding the return on investment can be a daunting task but critical to effective budgeting. 

Recently when several U.S. based law firm Chief Marketing Officers asked this very question, they called Momentum to help them better understand what their firm was spending money on, how best to organize that information and most importantly, what to do with it so that it could be better measured and managed. 

In response to these challenges, Momentum conducted a bespoke Sponsorship Audit whereby we:

  • Reviewed more than 100+ individual sponsorship agreements.
  • Developed a bespoke classification system for sponsorship investments to be used in the measurement of future ROI expectations.
  • Developed a customized scoring system based on firm behavior to be used to measure the ROI expectations.
  • Executed a proof of concept on the scoring system.
  • Developed guidelines & recommendations for future budget planning.
  • Advised on and recommended areas for greater cost reductions and/or increased realized benefits.


If you are struggling to classify your firm’s investments in marketing sponsorships and know there is a better way to measure, manage and evaluate your budgetary spend, contact us today. We’re ready to help.


See the audit for yourself. View the case study webinar presented by Ben Greenzweig and Jeanne Hammerstrom, Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer, Benesch, click here.


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