DCAA Americas

Arlington, V.A.

An Invitation Only Salon

Arlington, V.A.

February 16-17, 2015   Add To Calendar

An Invitation Only Event

Specifically developed to address current compliance and audit challenges facing Defense contractors, DCAA Americas will provide attendees with proven strategies for properly preparing for, managing and surviving a DCAA audit. Learn how to avoid incurring unnecessary compliance costs and penalties as you are guided through a comprehensive two-day examination of what steps you can take before, during and after a DCAA audit to ensure that your internal controls and compliance measures withstand DCAA scrutiny. Learn what the true scope and limits of the DCAA’s authority is to conduct various types of audits as you are provided with practical strategies and best practices for:

  • Maintaining books, records and documents in accordance with DCAA standards
  • Establishing effective accounting procedures and internal controls for Defense contracts
  • Monitoring and auditing compliance with internal protocols for Defense contracts
  • Ensuring attorney-client privilege is maintained during a DCAA audit
  • Conducting effective internal audits of your contracts
The posted speaker faculty relates to the 2013 iteration of the conference. Current speakers will be displayed upon the event’s conclusion.

CLE Credits will be available for this program

This event in invitation only. To request an attendee pass: