The Digital Strategy & DotOps Congress

Crowne Plaza, Amsterdam City Centre

Opportunities and Operations for .BRANDS in a Changing Digital Landscape

Crowne Plaza, Amsterdam City Centre

September 18-19, 2014   Add To Calendar

Round 1 Non-Applicant  Attend for Free*

Each day, more and more Top Level Domains (TLDs) are being delegated to the web under ICANN’s new GTLD program. Offering incredible opportunities for Brands seeking to innovate in the digital sphere, the conversation has now moved from a discussion of “what ifs” and “when it happens” to TLD operations and management for Brands and Generics. Now that your TLD has been approved, what exactly will you do with it? How can one most effectively utilize and derive value from a TLD to further extend one’s Brand and name within a given market, more closely connect with your consumer, make an impact in the social sphere, deliver a better customer experience? All of these questions and more will be answered at Momentum’s Digital Strategy & DotOps Congress for Brands in Amsterdam this Fall.

In direct response to your feedback we have completely updated the program agenda for this 5th installment in Momentum’s Digital Strategy and gTLD Congress series. Specifically focused on addressing top of mind digital marketing strategy for TLD applicants and Brands, both Round 1 applicant and non-applicant alike, we have uniquely structured this year’s event to provide targeted content for each of these groups. The morning of Day One of the event will be specifically targeted towards those who did not apply for a Top Level Domain (TLD) in Round 1, while the afternoon sessions provide an opportunity for Brands, both applicant and non-applicant alike to engage in discussions that both will find valuable as we enter a new horizon in the digital landscape.

Providing an opportunity for those who are unfamiliar with the world of TLDs to get up-to-speed on the lingo of the TLD community, what opportunities a TLD can offer to an applicant, as well as insights into how one can remain competitive and current in the digital sphere in the absence of owning one’s own TLD, topics to be addressed during this portion of the event will include:

  • New TLDs 101 – TLD Boot Camp for Non-Round 1 Brand Applicants – A Look Back at Lessons Learned from the Round 1 Application Process, Who Applied and What’s Happened Since New “DOTs” Have Gone Live
  • The Value of a .BRAND – Evaluating New Opportunities for Market Positioning, Brand Extension and Consumer Engagement for Brand TLD Owners…But Wait, There’s More!
  • How to Ensure Your Brand Is Not Compromised in a Post-TLD Environment –Effective Brand Protection and Enforcement Strategies for Monitoring to the Left and the Right of the Dot
  • Use What Ya Got, To Get What You Want! Novel Brand Positioning Insights for Effectively Utilizing Your Current Digital Arsenal to Remain Competitive
  • What 140 Characters or Less Can Do For Your Brand! Insights for Brands Seeking to Effectively Utilize Twitter as Part of Your Digital Strategy

For Day Two of the event, attendees will be engaged in a series of case study sessions and interactive panel discussions that will dive deep into the cutting edge world of digital marketing, brand management and consumer engagement. Including a mix of TLD-operations focused discussions with high-level digital marketing and strategy focused sessions, Day Two of the program will offer value for all Brands as well as Generic TLD applicants seeking innovative ideas on new trends in the digital space with an eye towards exploring how one’s TLD can be incorporated into one’s digital strategy. Topics to be addressed during this portion of the event will include:

  • From. COM to .BRAND – Change Management Strategies for Incorporating Your .BRAND into Your Current Digital Asset Management Program
  • You Can Hear Your Consumer’s Voice…But Are You Listening? Customer-Centric Strategies for Effectively Engaging With Your Consumer to Build Long Lasting Relationships
  • Luxury Brands – Multi-Channel Marketing Strategies for Effectively Communicating Your Brand Story While Driving Superior Brand Performance
  • Let’s Get Married! Effective Strategies for Bridging the Gap between Your Company’s Digital Strategy and Business Goals While Encouraging Key Stakeholder Engagement
  • .BRAND, City and CC TLD Partnerships – Exploring Opportunities for Increasing Your Company’s Brand Value through a Strategic Geo Alignment

Who You Will Meet at the Digital Strategy & DotOps Congress for Brands

  • Corporate executives representing leading global Brands who responsible for:
  •  Digital Marketing
  • Brand Management
  • Internet Strategy
  • Communications
  • Social Media
  • Innovation
  • Consumer Marketing
  • Operations o Trademarks
  • Intellectual property
  • Domain Names
  • IT/Technology
  • eCommerce
  • Digital Projects
  • Registries, registrars and leaders of the domain industry
  • Digital marketing, media and PR agencies and consultancies

*Max 1 per organization – Additional Round 1 Non-Applicants pay just $299. Free places are offered at the discretion of the organizers.