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The Food & Beverage Marketing & Advertising Law Summit

Loyola University, Chicago

The Food Regulatory & Compliance Benchmarking Event for FDA & USDA Regulated Industries

Loyola University, Chicago

September 15-16 2014   Add To Calendar

“In this environment, where the kitchen for food industry lawsuits is heating up,
it is more critical than ever for food manufacturers and marketers to proactively
consider the meaning of words from all angles before being “consumed” by
protracted and costly litigation.” — Food Processing Magazine, 2013

The recent uptick in civil litigation alleging misleading advertising and labeling has grabbed the attention of the nation,forcing the food and beverage industry to reexamine its marketing practices and tactics. As GMO, “all natural”, “organic” and “fresh” continue to open the door to private consumer fraud claims companies must also take care to avoid allegations of misbranding, deceptive and misleading advertising as viewed through the eyes of the FDA and FTC – all while seeking to maintain a competitive edge in an environment filled with more health-conscious consumers.

Featuring a highly interactive format designed to promote in-house benchmarking, best practice sharing and realtime brainstorming, The Food & Beverage Marketing & Advertising Law Summit will uncover the latest FDA and
FTC enforcement priorities while exploring key techniques for preemptive litigation risk management, navigating food claims within the social media and online realm while also tackling the most pressing challenges surrounding claim

Sit alongside top industry experts as you are provided with best-in-class strategies for overcoming food and beverage marketing and claims litigation challenges, including:

  • Tackling the Communication Conundrum: Coordinating your Legal, Marketing and R&D Teams to Ensure a Consistent and Compliant Message from Start to Finish
  • Global Spotlight: How to Manage the Impact of Foreign Regulations and US Class Action Litigation on your International Business Operations
  • Litigation Risk Calculation: Measuring the Value of the Claim against the Potential Exposure of Collateral Damage
  • Real Life Settlements: What Every Company Needs to Know When Preparing for Negotiations

Included with your Registration: Two 90 minute Interactive Workshops
Workshop A: Mock Trial: Courtroom-Consumer v. Food Company: What to Expect During an “All Natural” Case Go inside the courtroom during this engaging session based on a real-life fact pattern. Complete with opening and closing statements as well as commentary from a mock panel of jurists, this session will take you behind the- scenes to evaluate one of the most hotly contested food and beverage marketing claims to date.

Workshop B: Proven Strategies for Successfully Crafting a a Legally-Compliant But Effective Ad from Start to Finish Explore recent food and beverage marketing and advertising campaigns as you are engaged in a hypothetical exercise that will walk you step-by-step through a real life scenario that will explore the common push and pull between marketing, legal and compliance while also providing you with best practices for maintaining your creativity and competitive edge.