Advanced Access to Fellow Attendees

One of the key philosophies of Momentum that differentiates us from other event providers is that we believe that every attendee is entitled to know who will be at an event they are attending in advance.

Armed with this intelligence, every attendee can better equip themselves to network and derive significant value from their event experience and furthering the Momentum mission statement of providing the finest quality programming, experience and community interaction among event attendees.

As the time out of the office and the investment required justifying attendance at a conference becomes increasingly scrutinized, it is more critical than ever that your conference experience includes quantifiable value.

By providing attendees with access to their fellow community of attendees prior to the event through a customized and private LinkedIn powered platform, Momentum ensures that your time and significant financial investment will never go unjustified again. At Momentum, we provide access to the attendees in advance of the event so you can make contact with the people who are important to you.