Operations Support

The Operations Support role (OS) is responsible for ensuring the successful operation of Momentum’s events including, but not limited to webinars, virtual/hybrid events and in-person conferences. The OS will report directly to the Directior of Operations. Daily responsibilities include:

  • Management of show floor softwares
  • Coordinating with event Meeting Planner on event logistics
  • Create webinars in Zoom or similar platforms
  • Create virtual events pre-approved platforms
  • Run speaker prep calls and/or share instructional videos as needed
  • Provide speaker support to the conference production team as needed
  • Either run or serve as the redundancy for webinars and virtual events
  • Liaise with marketing to create or upload banners and promotional assets as needed
  • Manage post-webinar assets, i.e. recording uploads, liaise with the accreditation team if needed, etc.
  • Coordinate with meeting planning on venue management for speakers and sponsors
  • Oversee design and ordering of signage and other in-person event assets 
  • Manage any on-site sponsor deliverables, including shipping requirements, registrations, etc. 
  • Assistant business development team with account management assets, especially for virtual events including:
    • Collection of sponsorship materials
    • Registration of guests
    • Invoice/AR
    • Any other regular tasks previously assigned to the account manager role

Any account manager responsibilities will be reviewed once there is a resumption of regularly scheduled live events. Duties will be subject to change.