Our Story

In 2012, after more than 13 years in the B2B conference industry, me and my good friend, Matt Godson launched Momentum Events. We felt the industry deserved a better quality of conferences that didn’t cost an arm and a leg. Rather than invest our capital in fancy offices, Momentum was built on a technological platform that provided a fully supported working environment. The money we saved in rent helped us create a price point for our events that were, on average, 20-40% lower than the competition.

After successfully penetrating multiple markets, including legal, regulatory, global trade, corporate strategy, finance, MarTech and analytics, Momentum experienced consistent and measured growth year after year. During this time, we participated in half a dozen bell-ringing ceremonies at the Nasdaq and launched events around the world. We proudly were the first American conference company to host an event on opportunities for U.S. businesses in Cuba, just 14 weeks after President Obama’s December rapprochement announcement. Later that year we would run the first event in Havana, in partnership with our good friends at The Wharton School of Business.

Unfortunately, tragedy struck on July 31, 2017, when my dear friend, and co-founder Matt Godson passed away from an extremely rare form of brain cancer, Gliomatosis Cerebri. To say this was a challenging time would be an understatement.

I didn’t go to business school, but I can only assume that they don’t teach you how to handle a situation like this, especially when your company is still in its relative infancy. Over the course of the next 12 months, I navigated this extremely challenging and highly emotional time to ensure the survival of my business which had suffered a potentially fatal blow.

Fortunately, stability was achieved, and I decided that in order to bring Momentum back onto the pathway of growth and profitability, I needed an experienced partner by my side. In the summer of 2018, Bryon Main joined the organization as COO and Co-Owner, having most recently navigated a strategic acquisition of his then 12-year-old event company, ExL Events, by Questex Media Group. Having worked together for more than 20 years prior, and sharing a mutual friendship with our lost friend Matt, Bryon and I capitalized on our complimentary skillset, personal friendship and shared vision to bring Momentum back to growth in 2019 – and beyond.

Today, I am very proud of the company that was battle-tested very early in its life and am grateful to my entire team for helping build the great reputation we enjoy today. There is lots of excitement building for 2020, and while we’ve only shared a handful of our new and repeat events, the best is still yet to come. Stay tuned for new conference announcements in the weeks ahead..

Momentum was built to deliver quality content and networking experiences while providing an exceptional customer experience, all for a price significantly lower than the competition, and we will not waiver from this vision as it was born with passion, forged in tragedy, and strengthened by resiliency.

Thank you for letting me share my story.


Ben Greenzweig