Integrate AI and Machine Learning to Leverage Medical Insights, Diagnostics Innovation for Improved Customer Engagement, Optimized Medical Affairs Function and Patient Outcomes

December 1-2, 2021 | VIRTUAL EVENT

While many areas of the pharma industry have begun to adopt AI with implementations in drug discovery, clinical trial operations, and finance, there has been little progress made with AI in medical affairs. However, this trend won’t continue given the tremendous benefits. For example, AI tagging allows companies to capture large amounts of field data in one place, produce real-time data entry and views and identify trends quickly.

Due mainly to the COVID-19 pandemic, migration to digital health has been promoted rapidly to provide care to patients without risk of contagion in health centers. Consequently, this has brought the acceleration of medical AI ventures and the explosion of ideas in the field.

For Medical Affairs, AI-driven tools unlock all manner of possibilities to improve or support commercial benefits and patient outcomes. The challenge is to be aware of the available technologies and adopt the ones that will best achieve your organization’s goals. This event is designed to help your organization leverage insights from your real-world data using a human-centric AI approach, machine learning, and advanced forecasting and optimization to understand patient experiences better and gain insights from KOLs and HCPs. Join us to gain a competitive edge and formulate the best digital strategy for your Medical Affairs team that aligns with the current AI developments; leverage AI to arrive at the best decisions and insights needed for success.


Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown
Associate Director of Data Science


Abdel Dridi
Abdel Dridi
AI Distinguished Chief Architect


Imtiyaz (Yaz) Hossain
Imtiyaz (Yaz) Hossain
MPH, Associate Director, Data Science Lead, GMA Business Solutions & Analytics | Chief Medical Office


Prathamesh Karmalkar
Prathamesh Karmalkar
Text Analytics, NLP & Nlu & Artificial Intelligence Principal Data Scientist


Shameer Khader
Shameer Khader
Senior Director (AI/ML, Data Science, Digital Health and Bioinformatics)


Anna Libman
Anna Libman
Director, Regulatory Affairs, Robotics & Digital Solutions


Bradley Parry
Bradley Parry
Senior Deep Learning Scientist


Andrew Rosen
Andrew Rosen
Director of Global Data Generation


Gregory Ryslik
Gregory Ryslik
Senior Vice President, Data Science, Machine Learning & Digital Health Research


Vivek Thakkar
Vivek Thakkar
Regulatory Program Director – Personalized Healthcare – Digital Health


Barry Wang
Barry Wang
Director, Medical & Scientific Affairs


Nuray Yurt
Nuray Yurt
Global Head of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions


Reasons to Attend

  • Analyze global AI regulation framework to better understand all the risks and benefits of AI applications and ensure safety and effectiveness of your product
  • Become more agile and responsive to an evolving market by integrating new technologies to measure outcomes and bolster performance  
  • Understand how to leverage AI to unify your medical strategies and develop a data-driven approach to position your medical affairs as a competitive advantage.
  • Enhance HCP digital engagement with AI-Driven personalization strategies to make a difference in getting and keeping the attention of busy physicians
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your KOLs and relationship networks with AI-enabled data analytics in real-time to craft highly tailored scientific communications
  • Harnessing the power and speed of AI in the pre-launch phase to improve your understanding of a new therapy area at scale, instantly
  • Understand the new rules of digital engagement to provide more highly personalized content
  • Evaluate the complexities of Big Data, Machine Learning, and Cognitive Computing to achieve Success in this rapidly growing AI environment  

Who Should Attend

This conference is designed for representatives from pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies with responsibilities in the following areas:
  • Medical Affairs
  • AI
  • Medical Affairs Digital Innovation and Excellence
  • Digital Strategy
  • Digital and Data Enablement
  • Digital Transformation
  • Health Innovation
  • Engagement Models – Medical Affairs
  • Medical Director
  • Medical Excellence
  • Medical Information
  • Medical Customer Experience
  • Customer Experience
  • Data and Technology
  • Data Partner
  • MSL
  • MSL Digital Transformation
  • Field Medical Team
  • Medical Director
  • Medical Capabilities
  • Medical Advisor
  • Medical Liaison
  • Medical Advisor
  • Global Medical Affairs
  • Medical Education Manager
  • Publications
  • Clinical Research/Development
  • MSL Coordinator
  • Franchise/Business Unit/Therapeutic Area Management
  • Brand/Portfolio Managers
  • Commercial Excellence/Operations/Strategy

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