Be the star of your own conference with Accel Events.

Be the star of your own conference with Accel Events.

If you’ve ever attended a trade show, social event or conference and thought, “With my network of contacts, I can do this bigger and better,” then keep reading.

Perhaps you’re the focal point of a growing sector or industry, a noted expert in your field with a healthy, robust network,, a LinkedIn group owner with growing membership or a director of a new or growing trade association.

  • Perhaps you’re looking for a new revenue stream to support your mission or an industry’s growth.
  • Perhaps existing industry events are overpriced, inefficient, lacking in customer experience, feature the same old conference chairpersons and speakers or are in the same old tired format and that same depress venues?
  • Perhaps the organizers take a large upfront fee, or pad costs or don’t share the revenue back with the industry?

Momentum Events announces the creation of Accel Events: An organization dedicated to creating true and valuable partnerships with industry leaders like you with a common goal to make their event dreams a reality – with full transparency as well as zero risk or out of pocket cost to you.

You bring credibility, passion and the network; We bring the capital, experience, team, credibility, partners, technology and the infrastructure. Together we can create an incredible industry event.

The team behind Accel Events has a proven track record of bringing event concepts to reality with a variety of industry partners, why not explore how the team behind Accel Events can help you bring your industry together by supporting your event concept.

Accel Events is the missing link between “I wish we could” and “We can do it”

Find out more and contact us confidentially at

“Knowledge@Wharton has worked with the team behind Accel Events for more than a year to organize events aimed at communicating cutting-edge insights on the drivers of high-velocity growth in a variety of contexts. As our teams have worked together, I have been deeply impressed by their team’s deep knowledge of the events world, as well as the creativity, passion, thoughtfulness and professionalism they bring to everything that they do.

They set high standards and work incredibly hard to surpass them. Knowledge@Wharton is proud to work with the team behind Accel Events. I expect we will be working together for a long time.” 

Mukul Pandya Executive Director/Editor-in-chief,

Knowledge@Wharton, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

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