November 1-2, 2021 | Virtual Event
A smarter business starts with a smarter supply chain. One that has the visibility to sense disruptions early and the intelligence to respond quickly to ensure business continuity. A smarter supply chain requires new levels of resilience and agility, rooted in responsible practices that preserve our planet. Sustainability is now a strategic business imperative for the success of future generations.
Retail: Enhance your digital transformation with modern order and fulfillment solutions that provide elevated and profitable omnichannel customer experiences.

Industrial: Leverage end-to-end visibility to deliver the perfect order consistently and reduce manual effort and costly errors by digitizing processes and automating workflows.

Healthcare: Get intelligent insights to act on supply chain disruptions to meet actual demand and improve patient care.

Food Safety: Where data becomes the world’s most essential ingredient. From boardrooms to kitchens around the world, there’s unprecedented demand for a smarter, safer food supply. IBM Food Trust™ makes it possible, delivering transformative business results and unrivaled piece of mind.

1. Understand Blockchain in practice not just theory
2. Connect with the visionaries like you who know the Blockchain is soooo much more than Bitcoin
3. Gain a tactical approach for actually implementing Blockchain solutions for your business