How to Select a Virtual Event Provider

  It seems like every day I receive a LinkedIn message from a brand new virtual event company that promises to do everything and anything I ever wanted. Video? No problem. Embedded chat? Easy! Cool Avatars? Absolutely! Some cost a few thousand, others, tens of...

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The Future of Investment – SPACs

This year has seen a surge in activity in SPACs. This Friday only, Altimeter Growth Corp. announced it will be coming to market with a $450M SPAC, sponsored by the highly regarded technology investment firm, Altimeter Capital, who is looking to invest in another high...

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Save the Date for the SPAC Opportunity Virtual Summit

Announcing The First Annual SPAC Opportunity Summit Presented by Penn SPAC Club in partnership with Lionheart Acquisition Corp. II and Momentum Philadelphia, PA, September 2nd, 2020 – Today the Penn SPAC Club announced the launch of The First Annual SPAC Opportunity...

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The Promotional Review Committee Goes Virtual

Executives involved in the review of regulatory advertising and promotional review committees, have had always faced continuous challenges before.  Challenges such as the ever-evolving FDA regularity updates, legal and compliance issues, conflicts across the concerned...

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Law Firms Embracing Virtual Events

Social distancing and lockdowns because of COVID 19 restricted law firms across the globe from attending their regular scheduled networking, business development and training events. These firms are, hence, worried about managing their learning and business...

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Why You Need a Virtual Event Planner

For more than 20 years, Bryon Main and Ben Greenzweig have been producing and growing live events and, between the two of them, they have personally overseen 5,000 conferences, trade shows and roundtables, but it was the events of 11 years ago that really prepared...

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