Data science has a huge gender gap.

In fact, women in data science only account for around 26% of roles in the entire industry. 

This is due to a variety of factors, including a lack of STEM education for women, a lack of female mentors in the industry, and discriminatory policies within individual companies.

In this post, we’ll give you four reasons why this needs to change. 

3 Reasons to Get Women in Data Science

Read on to find out what happens when women take a larger slice of the data science pie. 

1. Healthcare Equality

A lack of women in scientific research has been found to be particularly harmful.

For example, women are more likely to die of heart attacks due to unequal care and treatment. 

This is because a majority of men in medical research resulted in a procedural bias. As a result of this bias, the differing symptoms in women were unidentified or overlooked. 

Similar results have been found with other health problems, too. Some studies even found that women were being prescribed the wrong dosages of medications for decades. This is what happens when clinical trials are performed on mostly male patients. 

When there are more women in STEM, these problems can be identified, rectified, and prevented from happening again. 

2. Set an Example for Young Girls

Many people assume that women and girls simply aren’t interested in data science or other male-dominated industries.

When they don’t see enough female representation, if any, it’s easy for them to come to that conclusion. However, the real problem is that extra barriers exist for women looking to break into the industry. When companies emphasis hiring and nurturing qualified women, a domino effect takes place – young girls see women in leaderhsip roles in data science and feel empowered to pursue the same.

3. Foster Diversity

The more diverse an industry is, the more it will develop.

When you’re trying to solve a problem, it’s best to collaborate with a range of different people. Each of their unique experiences and perspectives will bring something else to the table, asking different questions and telling different stories.

When you’re only working with men, you’re only getting one side of the story. That’s why it’s essential to give women equal involvement and opportunity. 

Be a Fearless Woman

When there are more women in data science, the results benefit everyone.

At Fearless in Data, we know how important this is.

At these events, a majority female speaker faculty will tackle the most pressing challenges and changes in data science and big data.

Register to join, and you can network with other women and get inspired. 

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