Conference as a Service

CaaS™, Conference as a Service, is a complete end-to-end solution that
delivers professionally researched, developed and executed events
without taxing any of your internal resources.

80+ Years of Leadership

Our 80+ years of leadership’s combined professional event experience provides any individual or organization with a ready-made, outsourced event team who are experts at delivering top-quality events with a vision for growth.

Our Services: 

  • Content Development
  • Audience Development
  • Project Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Sponsorship
  • Customer Services & Operations
  • On-Site Execution

The Problem We Solve.

Let’s face it, event organizing can be a massive drain on any business, but it takes a special toll on organization where conference development is not the core offering including enterprise businesses, media companies, trade associations, academic institutions and non-profits. Scalability is hard to achieve, and the size of staff required to professionally deliver a top-quality event if often too large to carry full-time, so businesses resort to allocating the responsibilities to internal resources where attention and effort is diverted from the enterprise’s core business functions. In addition, the focus required to evaluate, develop and deploy a proper event growth strategy can be limited at best.

Fortunately, there’s Momentum. Our decades of professional event experience provide any organization with a ready-made, outsourced event team who are expert at delivering top-quality events and a vision for growth. We worry about your conference strategy and execution so you don’t have to.

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Examples of Success.

Mukul Pandya

Editor-in-Chief and Executive Director, Knowledge@Wharton

“Knowledge@Wharton has worked with Momentum for years and I have been deeply impressed by their deep knowledge of the events world, as well as the creativity, passion, thoughtfulness and professionalism they bring to everything that they do. They set high standards and work incredibly hard to surpass them. Knowledge@Wharton is proud to work with Momentum. I expect we will be working together for a long time.”

Neil O’Keefe

SVP, Marketing & Content Data & Marketing Association, A Division of the ANA

“Momentum brings tremendous efficiency and decades of experience to their execution of events. They have a deep network of industry experts, a strong reputation for exceeding expectations and always deliver a truly best in class event experience for all stakeholders including speakers, attendees, sponsors and partners like the Data & Marketing Association.”






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