History of Momentum’s CaaS™

Conference as a Service was born from the combination of Momentum’s passion for customer services, high-performance event infrastructure and a best in class, integrated and custom built Salesforce.com platform. As an agile organization, Momentum has always been able to respond faster and more efficiently than our competitors, so it was a natural progression when we decided to provide this service to our customers for their own, internally developed events.

For the years leading up to the pandemic, Momentum enabled dozens of corporations, media companies, non-profit organizations, trade associations and academic institutions to develop highly successful events without straining any internal resources and having the confidence that their program would be produced to the highest standards. When the pandemic hit, Momentum was able to share the speed by which we pivoted with our clients and provide a market-leading, virtual experience, professionally produced and seamlessly executed.

With a future that will now play host to virtual, hybrid and live events, there is simply no organization better suited to deliver on our client’s expectations than Momentum.  Whether you’re developing a new program, transitioning an existing one, or looking to drive the value of a legacy event, Momentum is here to ensure your experience is a valuable, seamless and easy one.

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Meet the CaaS™ Leadership Team

Ben Greenzweig

Co-Founder, CEO

Bryon Main

Co-Principal, COO

Lauren Arcady

Director of Strategic Business Development

Marni Edelhart

VP Content

Shari Gelfand

VP Marketing

Warren Drysdale

VP Content

Raquel Guzman

Operations Manager

Daniela Fisch

Operations Manager

Diversity And Inclusion Commitment

“Momentum’s “What’s Next” ideology goes beyond the content at the conferences we produce to the individual experience at each event and our commitment to ensure that all attendees feel welcomed and represented. Momentum proudly prioritizes diversity and inclusion across all aspects of our event development process, from the speakers we invite to the topics we choose to address. When you attend a Momentum event you will feel our unique difference in the candid conversations, engaged community, and transformative learning that rely on the simultaneously inspiring and respectful environment we create.”

Client Success