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June 6-8, 2022 | Philadelphia, PA

Partners & Exhibitors

Halloran Consulting Group is a life science consulting firm that provides strategic regulatory, quality, clinical, and organizational support to industry leaders and startup visionaries in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device sectors. Our consultants are subject matter experts who deliver a tailored approach to each engagement, successfully propelling our clients to their next inflection point. We connect clients with our trusted industry partners to drive operational excellence and innovation throughout their organizations. Our aim is to support our clients, and the patients they serve.


We provide an outsourcing solution designed to disrupt the current paradigm, resurrecting a common-sense approach to rebuild business trust and confidence. With an unwavering emphasis on Quality, we have surrounded ourselves with experienced quality assurance professionals who are able to establish quality structures and streamlined approaches to reduce risk while reinforcing operational innovation in the ever-changing landscape of clinical quality and compliance.

Our Services

  • Global clinical quality and compliance management
  • Gap analysis assessments and compliance strategy planning and guidance
  • Development and oversight of a company’s Quality Management System (QMS)
  • Internal and external auditing program development and maintenance
  • Vendor, program, TMF, and site auditing on behalf of sponsors
  • Development of Policies, Standard Operating Procedures, and associated forms and templates
  • Development and implementation of change management programs
  • Development and delivery of training programs on change management skills
  • Development and implementation of training programs related to all aspects of clinical quality assurance
  • Mock Inspections and inspection preparation activities

WCG Avoca is dedicated to improving quality and compliance in the clinical trial execution process. Integrating deep subject matter expertise with industry-leading approaches and technology, we tailor solutions that help companies build quality management, inspection readiness, and effective oversight systems into new or existing processes.



Wool Consulting Group provides industry thought leaders and expert consultants to provide you a Clinical Quality Management Systems (cQMS) per the TransCelerate model, QA audits, inspection readiness, procedural documents, risk management, issue management and Vendor management frameworks that are ‘right fit’ for your organization that yields successful business operations and bolsters organizational performance.

Critical to success is being engaged with the need for change management and transformation management support – we are here for you to have a successful launch in order to achieve your goals!


Consortium Partner

Gain an unbiased perspective, and have access to tools, templates, and leading practices needed to conduct clinical trials, while ensuring proactive quality management and inspection readiness.

Through participation in the WCG Avoca Quality Consortium (AQC), 200+ Member pharma, biotech, site, niche clinical service providers, and CRO organizations collaborate in a progressive, pre-competitive environment with the shared objective of elevating quality and bringing key stakeholders in the clinical trials process into greater alignment.

Members stay current on the latest challenges in the industry and have access to over 700 leading practices, tools, templates, dashboards, and process documents to assist with quality, risk management, and inspection readiness in clinical trial execution.