October 2019

22 – 23

DLaw Summit

New York, New York

No industry is immune to the impacts of Digital Transformation. Legal has probably been the slowest at adopting technology and transforming the way they do business; but that is now changing. In-house counsel is now looking at how they can automate processes to help other departments as well as to better save money; while law firms are trying to add additional services and become proficient in technologies to become more effective and efficient to be able to win the business of in-house counsel. Legal professionals also have the unique challenge of embracing innovation without sacrificing the data security and privacy of their clients. DLaw will provide a meaningful exploration of digital technology for the legal services professionals from specific emerging tools to new business models to creative client acquisition and retention strategies. Attendees will leave prepared to lead transformation that will lay the foundation for a more efficient and profitable future.

November 2019


The Beauty & Supplement Regulatory Exchange

Washington, D.C.

The Beauty & Supplement Regulatory Exchange will bring together senior executives from major wellness, supplements and cosmetics companies along with the brightest minds from the legal and regulatory world to delve into these complicated topics and provide attendees with responsible and profitable strategies for expanding their product offerings

December 2019


4th Annual Blockchain Opportunity Summit

New York, NY

With increasing news about data breaches and security lapses, it is becoming crystal clear that the internet as we know it does not live up to our current usage demands. Blockchain offers an alternative not just to the internet, but to data management and sharing in just about every sector. With the distraction of Crypto-Currencies gradually receding, more lasting implementations of Blockchain technology like Smart Contracts, Secured Transactions and Improved Data Transparency can truly take hold as the basis for lasting enterprise transformation.


Fearless East

New York, NY

Inclusive leadership drives innovation. At Fearless in FinTech, a majority female speaker faculty will guide you through a truly unique learning and networking experience. Learn about the most exciting opportunities for creative transformation in Financial Services and FinTech as well as strategies for overcoming shared obstacles while building relationships that will drive future career success.

February 2020

27 – 28

The Advanced Legal Strategy Summit on Litigation

Ft Lauderdale, FL

Litigation is something most companies want to avoid; unfortunately, it is a reality that we all have to be prepared for; therefore, understanding some of the things that can propel you to the winning side of a trial is beneficial to corporations and law firms. During the Advanced Legal Strategy Summit on Litigation and Finance, we will tackle topics such as choosing the right law firm, case selection, litigation analytics, utilizing jury consultants and expert witnesses, and how to fund your law suit. Additionally, we will examine whether Third-Party Litigation Funding (TPLF) or self-funding…

27 – 28

Employee Wellness Summit for Law Firms & Professional Services

Ft Lauderdale, FL

As the conversation on mental health slowly emerges from the shadows and into the mainstream, no profession is perhaps more impacted by the devastating effects of depression, anxiety, addiction – among others – than the legal profession. Empirical and statistical evidence continues to support the widely known belief that lawyers are at higher risk for depression, anxiety, divorce, addiction, and suicide – this being just a handful of reasons why the ABA launched the pledge campaign to improve mental health and well-being of lawyers back in 2018.

March 2020


ACES 2020

Washington D.C.

In today’s continually evolving regulatory landscape, ensuring an airtight global compliance program is of utmost importance. Whether you focus broadly on international trade or specialize specifically in anti-bribery/anti-corruption, export controls or sanctions, attendees of this 3-in-1 event will benefit from the ability to customize their conference experience and build a program that will best fit their unique domestic and international compliance needs.


MAC: Attribution After Cookies Bootcamp

Atlanta, GA

For most of the digital age, marketers have relied on cookies to track general trends in how users were engaging with their brand across various digital channels. The current move away from cookies requires offers marketers both new challenges and new opportunities.This bootcamp will bring offer an interactive and hands on opportunity to build new attribution models that take into account all (even offline) channels using new methods for charting the customer journey and building customer profiles.

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