March 2019


Blockchain Oil & Gas

Houston, TX

The Blockchain Oil & Gas Summit will offer you a strategic understanding of how Blockchain Technology can make your energy business more secure, compliant, efficient and profitable. Fortune 500 executives alongside the creative technologists driving Blockchain adoption will share specific tactics for how to incorporate Blockchain into your enterprise transformation.


Omni-Channel & eCommerce Analytics Boot Camp

San Francisco, CA

The Retail Analytics Bootcamp offers the unique opportunity to bring your retail business’ data problems to the table with the brilliant analysts who have tactical answers. Collaborate with peers at this one of a kind interactive event to develop data-driven solutions in real time. Participants will leave with hands-on tactical skills to carry with them through their career.

April 2019

9 – 10

Blockchain Supply Chain Summit

Chicago, IL

In today’s global economy, goods sometimes travel a worldwide circuit with multiple stops before reaching their final destination. This distance between source and recipient offers great potential for confusion. Additionally, today’s consumer wants to understand the what, where, and how of a particular product’s provenance.

16 – 17

ACES Summit

Washington D.C.

Whether you specialize in anti-corruption, export controls and international trade, sanctions or all three the A.C.E.S. Compliance Summit offers targeted content in each of these areas in addition to advanced, plenary sessions addressing core global trade compliance challenges.

May 2019


Fearless in Data

City TBA

Leadership in data science and analytics requires not only a strong head for numbers, but the ability to place in these numbers in greater context and to cooperate in ensuring everyone within your organization has the access and understanding needed to turn insights into action. Fearless in data will highlight the value that comes from inclusive data leadership that represents a broad range of perspectives.

14 – 15

MAC DMA Marketing Analytics Conference


Data-Driven Marketing requires both strategical vision and tactical mastery. Senior leaders including Chief Marketing Officers, Chief Data Officers, and Chief Information Officers must prioritize data collection, analysis and responsiveness to drive consumer acquisition and retention and to build the best possible customer experience. In turn, execution of this strategical vision requires frontline tactical and technical mastery.

June 2019


Gro Pro 20/20

New York

Gro Pro 20/20, in its 5th iteration, is the only event that brings together Chief Marketing, Business Development, Sales, Strategy Officers and Executive Leadership spanning the professional services landscape for a highly interactive exchange of industry best practices and ideas.


Blockchain Healthcare Summit

New York

Coordination of care. The patient experience. Identity & privacy. Clinical trials. Collaboration throughout the healthcare ecosystem. These are the overarching challenges today’s payer and provider markets face as the drive for quality, access and cost management only increased.

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