U.S. - Cuba Corporate Counsel Summit

Convene Old Slip, New York

Your essential guide to the legal and regulatory challenges facing US organizations entering the Cuban market

Convene Old Slip, New York

March 24, 2015   Add To Calendar

 “It’s important to remember that Cuba remains a communist country, and that there will be significant legal entanglements before CEOs can start signing deals with the Cuban government. But, (there are) industries that stand to be big winners in a U.S.-Cuba thaw.”

– “Five Industries Set To Benefit From The U.S.-Cuba Thaw”, Forbes.com



Tourism. Aviation. Infrastructure. Hospitality. Agriculture. Food. Retail – Every industry will have its own set of Cuban regulatory hurdles that will need to be overcome in order for U.S. businesses to successfully stake a claim.

“First movers” will have a major advantage which means that having the right regulatory and compliance strategy in place – as well as a deep understanding of “how things are done” in Cuba – will be the keys to success.

With support from the U.S. Cuba Trade Alliance, Momentum’s U.S. –  Cuba Corporate Counsel Summit will bring together GC’s from major US corporations charged with the task of navigating through the regulatory landscape. They will be joined by outside counsel from the US and Cuba who have the expertise they need. Drawing lessons from European and Asian companies already operating in Cuba, attendees will receive a detailed strategic roadmap and essential network which will enable their organizations to chart a path to success.

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Information is currently scarce and confusing. This unique event will feature presentations by Cuban and US government regulators, US-Cuban trade experts, Cuban trade missions and European counsel with Cuba experience – this event will give you the essential information and the network you will need to

…avoid costly missteps,

…be the counsel with “the answers”

…focus your efforts and streamline your regulatory approach

…and ensure you obtain that essential first mover advantage before Cuban regulatory agencies become overwhelmed

Themes to be addressed include:

  • An introduction to the Cuban legal system and structure
  • Understanding the rapidly changing legal framework governing Cuban relations and business relationships
  • Understanding and dealing with Cuban regulatory agencies
  • Assessing the competitive landscape and risk factors when entering Cuba
  • A primer on Cuban financial markets and remittances.
  • Preparing to enter the Cuban market: What are the key Cuban regulations per vertical market?
  • Sector regulations : What you need to know about regulations relating to inward investment, employment, property and more – and where to get the detailed information that you require.

Register now for as little as $495 and ensure that you are fully prepared to advise your organization or your clients on the legal and regulatory challenges facing them as they move towards Cuba.

If you have general inquiries or are interested in nominating yourself or a known expert to present, please email matt@momentumevents.com

If your organization is looking to position itself as a thought leader relating to Cuba regulatory and compliance issues please email alexandra@momentumevents.com.

Learn more today about the rapidly changing legal environment. 

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