2nd Due Diligence for Life Sciences

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Segev Shani, PhD, MHA, MBA, LLB

Dr. Segev Shani serves as Chief Compliance & Regulatory Officer of the Neopharm group since March 2008. He specialises in healthcare and corporate compliance, regulatory affairs, quality assurance, health technology assessment and pharmacovigilance. Dr. Shani has vast experience in the pharmaceutical market holding positions in pharmaceutical and biotech companies, as well as the Israeli Ministry of Health. Dr. Shani is a qualified pharmacist and a lawyer. Dr. Shani holds a Ph.D. in Pharmacy, a Master in Healthcare Administration and an Executive MBA, and finally an LLB as well.  Dr. Shani has published numerous papers and books on regulatory, legal and policy in the pharmaceutical market and corporate compliance. Since 2003, Dr. Shani is a senior adjunct lecturer at the Department of Health Systems Policy & Management at Ben-Gurion University.