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How A Lawyer’s Mental Health Journey Led Him to Full-Time Well-Being Advocacy, and What His Experiences Can Teach You to Help Build a More Supportive Legal Culture
  • Hear the firsthand account of a Harvard Law graduate who practiced at a top global firm while struggling with depression and, ultimately, near-death by suicide
  • Learn about the impact that destigmatizing mental health challenges can have on individuals in the legal profession, and how doing so can change the dynamic of your organization
  • Discover different ways to prioritize well-being for a mental health forward legal organization
  • Ensure you have impactful, easily-accessible resources to help your colleagues and employees thrive
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Gavin Alexander
Wellness Director


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Speaking Faculty


Gain unique insights from a former lawyer who overcame their own mental health struggle and found a new passion in the wellness space, and how their experiences can help build a better law firm by prioritizing mental well-being.

Develop leadership skills related to effective communication, allowing you to create an environment of open dialogue within your firm fostering a safe psychological space and a mental health forward culture.

Explore how wellness programs and strategies contribute to higher levels of job satisfaction and enhance employee engagement, resulting in a more motivated workforce with higher retention rates.

Articulate the benefits of an effective wellness program in a way that gains the support and buy-in from senior leaders.

Leading law firms share tried-and-tested wellness solutions and what lessons they have learned along the way, so you can learn from their experiences and optimize your firm’s wellness approach.


This event is designed for professionals working at law firms who are…

Directors/Managers/Administrators of:

  • Employee Wellness
  • Occupational Health & Safety (OHS)
  • Benefits
  • Human Resources
  • Employee Relations
  • Global Health & Well-Being
  • Professional Development
  • Workplace Well-Being
  • Coaching
  • Health & Safety
This event would also be beneficial for solution providers working in the wellness space.


2024 Sponsorship Opportunities are Available! If you are interested, please contact Meg Larson at meg@momentumevents.com. for more information.

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