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  • Rolando Anillo

    Mr. Rolando Anillo was born in Santiago de Cuba and graduated cum laude from University of Havana Law School in 1988. Mr. Anillo worked as Legal Counsel for the Cuban Ministry of Transportation and was trained in international commercial transactions by the Institute of Foreign Trade in Cuba until his departure in 1992. Since his graduation thesis about the Associations Between Cuban and Foreign Entities, Mr. Anillo has been involved in the research and study of Cuban laws and regulations. Mr. Anillo also studied comparative laws at the UNAM in Mexico and took doctoral courses in international relations while working in a research project at Florida International University.

    Mr. Anillo has represented U.S. companies and related entities before the U.S. Department of Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) in the need for an obtainment of all licenses and approvals as required by the Cuban Assets Control Regulations (CACRs), as well as responds to OFAC audits and investigations. In addition, he conducts permissible investigations for non-U.S. entities doing business with Cuba and developing confiscated properties in Cuba, including researching U.S. and Cuban claimants. Mr. Anillo specializes in US-Cuba Federal Regulations, Cuban Law and International law.

    Mr. Anillo is currently working as Corporate Counsel at Florida Crystals Corp and he is the President of the Cuban Claims Owners Association, a Florida not-for-profit organization. He is also an active writer and speaker on legal topics regarding U.S –Cuba laws and regulations. Mr. Anillo is admitted to practice law in Cuba and in the State of Louisiana, United States.

    Company / Position: Corporate Counsel, Florida Crystals Corporation