The Paradigm Shifting Business Strategy Event for FinTech Leaders Who Recognize that Innovation Begins with Inclusion
July 27 – 28, 2021 | Virtual Event
Technological advances simultaneously make financial services more accessible and more complicated. A proliferation of digital banks, online stock trading services and crypto-currencies have empowered lay people to tap into financial markets in new and disruptive ways. At Fearless in FinTech you will have the opportunity to learn from the most creative leaders at both Emerging FinTech Companies and Established Financial Services Firms in order to ready yourself and your organization for the increasingly diffuse and interactive way customers engage with their money.
Our Fearless events are designed to bring together a diverse speaker faculty and audience to tackle the questions about diversity and women in leadership in some of the most challenging industries. Attendees of our Fearless events leave with hands-on strategies for advancing their respective industries and collaborating effectively within that space.

Take a peek at the audience breakdown of one of our Fearless in FinTech event.

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I envision a future where the presence and success of women in finance is normalized. It’s a future where there’s no need for female-focused events; instead, we just have events and feature women naturally because they deserve to be there. We are not living in that world yet. Events like Fearless in Fintech give us an opportunity to take a step towards it, and it’s an honor to be a part of that movement.

Rachel Carpenter
Co-Founder & CEO

To be a fearless leader includes a willingness to be imperfect, vulnerable and authentic, which means you have to be willing to make mistakes and to own them and, more importantly, share them. It’s beautiful that today’s speed of change and innovation is accelerating. The cycle of what matters today vs. in the future is growing shorter each year. For leaders, that means being able to move quickly through mistakes, which are inevitable when you take risks and act fearlessly.

Carey O’Connor Kolaja
Chief Global Product Officer
Citi FinTech

Advancing our industry and collaborating in order to compete begins with how we build our teams. Leaders who consistently embrace diversity in age, ethnicity and gender as core to how they live their lives don’t just add capabilities and experience; they reach a deeper understanding of the world and the marketplace that is evolving around them.

Della Shea
Vice President, Privacy & Data Governance,
CPO & Symcor

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