The Paradigm Shifting Business Strategy Event for FinTech Leaders Who Recognize that Innovation Begins with Inclusion
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Marni Edelhart, VP, Content, MOMENTUM EVENTS
The future of financial services relies not on Established Organizations or on Disruptive Start-Ups, but on successful collaboration between these two entities. Whether through partnerships, acquisitions, and or venture initiatives, this future will come from collaboration.
Session takeaways:
  • Strategies used by established organizations to foster Fintech growth
  • Investment trends fueling innovation in FinTech
  • A clear understanding of the collaborative approaches available to both startups and established organizations.
Ali Driesman, Director, Business Development & Partnerships, AMEX DIGITAL LABS
Katie Palencsar, Managing Director, Global Head of Venture Studio, ANTHEMIS
Kim Rosenblum, CMO, BETTERMENT
While COVID restricted international travel, it did nothing to deter international transactions. As more currency crosses borders via our digital devices, a new class of platforms and apps have emerged to keep these funds as secure and reliable as possible.
Session takeaways:
  • The current trends in international transactions
  • Challenges facing international transactions and technologies that address these challenges
  • Introductions to the most exciting new tools for processing and protecting these transactions.
Lindsey Grossman, Director of Product, WISE (FORMERLY TRANSFERWISE)
Millie Gillon, Global Head of CX, STANDARD CHARTERED BANK
Tatiana Okhotina, CFO, AZIMO
In 2020, only 2.3% of all VC funds went to women-led startups. Therefore, the inequity in funding for female founded FinTechs has a long, long way to go. This panel of investors and founders will address:
  • Strategies for standing out to the investment community
  • Gaps in the market that women can fill when developing and pitching their startups.
  • Which investors prioritize diversity in their portfolios

Karla Ballard, Founder & CEO, YING
Monica Brand Engel, Co-Founder & Partner, QUONA CAPITAL
Elizabeth Davis, Investor, Female Innovators Lab, ANTHEMIS
Join Lucy Hutchinson, Lead, Inclusion and Diversity at Wise, to explore how she is building DE&I in a rapidly growing, autonomous tech environment. She'll share her practical lessons-learnt and how to build a strategy that engages employees at all levels of the Social Awareness Scale.

Lucy Hutchinson, Lead, Inclusion & Diversity, WISE (FORMERLY TRANSFERWISE)
For too long, investors have been stuck between a rock and a hard place: lack of liquidity in private markets and diminishing returns in public markets. Enter blockchain technology, which is “melting the ice” by making private investments more liquid and accessible to the general public. Silicon Valley investor SC Moatti and Denelle Dixon, CEO and Executive Director of Stellar Development Foundation, will discuss the recent waves blockchain is making in the global financial infrastructure and value chain and what it means for the future of investing.

Denelle Dixon, CEO and Executive Director, STELLAR DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION
SC Moatti, Managing Partner, MIGHTY CAPITAL
For a time, the pace of FinTech innovation outstripped that of regulators, but the SEC, FINRA and other governing bodies are quickly catching up. In order to ensure, you can continue to innovate while remaining compliant. This panel of compliance professionals will share perspectives from various corners of the financial industry to help you:
  • Understand the current relevant industry regulations
  • Plan directionally for the trends shaping banking standards
  • Work with your product, marketing, and legal teams to stay compliant
Laura Hamady, Senior Managing Counsel, Global Privacy Office, VISA
Megan Monroe-Coleman, Global Chief Compliance Officer, OKCOIN
Lydia Varmazis, Founder, LYDIA & CO.
The United States’ small business economy runs 30 million strong. Yet small business owners are chronically underserved regarding access to capital. One barrier: lenders don’t have accurate signals about business health. Learn how financial institutions are using new sources of data to better identify and serve more small and medium businesses, without increasing risk.
  • Discover trends in small and medium business health and growth in the past year
  • Learn how banks and fintechs are using data to identify new opportunities and serve a broader base of small businesses
  • Discover strategies and best practices for incorporating new data sources into your lending and customer acquisition processes
Madeline Ross, VP, Marketing, ENIGMA
Laura Kornhauser, CEO & Co-Founder, STRATYFY
Karen Mills, Senior Fellow, Harvard Business School, and President, MMP GROUP
Adam Bell, SVP, Digital Marketing, CUSTOMERS BANK
As banks like all businesses collect and rely on an increasing amount of highly sensitive customer data, protecting their data privacy is more important than ever. A data breach can set back brand growth significantly.
During this session:
  • Learn how to take a proactive approach to protecting customer data
  • Gain skills for implementing Privacy By Design
  • Develop strategies for building trust with your customers when introducing new features
Deborah Foley, VP, Head of Connected Banking, Cross Channels, JP MORGAN CHASE
Sherrie Osborne, Director, Compliance Privacy Officer, LENDINGCLUB
Jennifer Artabane, VP, Enterprise Products, TEALIUM
Marni Edelhart, VP, Content, MOMENTUM EVENTS
All of us have been changed in permanent ways by the recent pandemic. The FinTech industry met with unprecedented transformation as customers of all ages and backgrounds shifted to doing business digitally. During this session speakers from across the financial industry will share their predictions for the future of FinTech in our post-pandemic world.

Melissa Pugeda, VP, Strategic Partnerships, SIGFIG
Heidi Brown, Director, Product Design, REMITLY
Elyse Whitehead, Lead Litigation & Employment Counsel, PLAID
The very nature of banking is changing not only in terms of how services are provided, but also in terms of who is reached with these services. Learn from three leaders in banking innovation about how they are breaking down the walls of what banking used to mean.

Session takeaways:
  • A business case for increasing banking access
  • Strategies for effectively reaching and engaging previously underserved customers
  • A guide for discovering new ways that your banking brand can serve customers.
Rachel Block, Associate, DAVIS WRIGHT TREMAINE

Asya Bradley, Founder & COO, FIRST BLVD
Yuliya Tarasava, Co-Founder & COO, CNOTE
Billie Simmons, COO and Co-Founder, DAYLIGHT
The payments world has expanded greatly in recent years. Now that you can pay anyone via your phone, a multitude of apps, or a program in your internet browser, it has become more important than ever to ensure that these payments are safe and protected.

This session will:
  • Outline the current payments landscape
  • Provide strategies for risk avoidance when it comes to payments
  • Offer opportunities for payment partnerships to expand your business
Karine Terzibachi, Director, Head of Business Operations & Analytics, VENMO
Laretha Hulse, VP, Group Product Manager, US BANK
Banking as a Service, Embedded Banking, Open Banking, all of these terms get used synonymously, but they don’t actually all mean the same thing. When just about every brand wants to offer some degree of financial services, banking as a service opens up the option to do so with all of the platforms, structures and insurance already in place.

Doug Nielson, SVP, Innovation, Research, & Development, US BANK
Amnah Ajmal, Group Executive, Merchants, Acceptance, & Digital Partnerships, MASTERCARD
Non-Fungible Tokens have taken the digital assets world by storm and have baffled everyone else. During this quick deep-dive session you will get a crash course in the what, why, and how of NFTs and where this hot FinTech trend is headed in the coming months.

Monica Long, General Manager of Ripple X, RIPPLE
During these interactive breakout sessions, you will have the opportunity to connect and problem solve with peers from your same area of expertise and/or responsibility.

HR/Employee Experience
Marketing/Customer Engagement
Tech/IT/Data Science
Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs) really took the investment world by storm in 2020 and early 2021. During this quick deep-dive session. You will get a crash course in the what, why, and how of SPACs and where this hot FinTech trend is headed in the coming months.
The proliferation of banking, payments and lending options means that it is more important than ever to keep your customer central to your product development and design. Learn how Credit Karma has built out new customer focused products in the past year.

Poulomi Damany, General Manager Credit Karma Money & Tax, CREDIT KARMA
Yumiko Kato, Senior Director, Data Governance at Envestnet, YODLEE