May 16-17, 2022 | Virtual Event

In a constantly changing medical landscape that is consistently impacted by internal and external forces, the need for innovation in patient care and HCP knowledge is in constant flux. With limited access to in-person visits and the rise of telehealth platforms, the way HCP’s treat their patients as well as how they learn new ways to combat new illnesses and health issues will never be the same.

This change necessitates a shift in both grant and giving operations and professional medical education programs. While most educational events are still held virtually, how do the medical education, grant, and HCP communities collaborate to keep sessions informative and retainable in their virtual space? How do you keep learners engaged and allow them to network with other industry professionals either virtually or safely in-person? And finally, with new ACCME standards arriving in the New Year, what strategies do you need to implement to keep your department compliant while still staying relevant?

Throughout Momentum Events’ Grant and Medical Education Strategy Summit, our speaking faculty will explore these new and innovative platforms, programs, and practices while providing a landscape of learning and collaboration that will benefit all parties. Momentum also provides attendees the chance to meet, network, and gain feedback from other attendees through our innovative virtual event platform.

Through collaboration and innovation, you too bring medical education to all who need it on a national and global scale.


Patricia Jassak
Patricia Jassak
Director, Independent Medical Education & Medical External Affairs


Natalie Lett
Natalie Lett
Management & E-Learning Manager, Learning Systems


Nishith Mehta
Nishith Mehta
Senior Grant Analyst


Erin Stewart
Erin Stewart
Senior Grants Manager


Top Reasons to Attend

  1. Analyze how to evaluate and implement the new ACCME standards. Gain a better understanding of how the complexity of these new standards affect your programs and how best to keep your content aligned while also being fresh and engaging.
  2. Engage with top professionals in the medical education world to learn about the new and exciting ways these educators are bringing information to their HCP’s and how Grant managers and directors approach grant disbursement in a ever-changing world
  3. Understand how to approach the complexity of international grants and the positives in investing in international education programs
  4. Implement new strategies to identify health inequalities and navigate sensitive areas of therapeutic care with new screening techniques and guides
  5. Discover how digital tools including social media can be utilized to create an online forum for webinars and interactive discussions between educators and HCP’s, while keeping the given information fresh and understandable.
  6. How to relay the importance of the grant process and the effectiveness/ROI of giving grants to educational programs to stakeholders in your companies
  7. Understand the necessity that collaboration in necessary in a field that cannot function as a vacuum


Primary Market:

  • Medical Education
  • Continuing Medical Education (CME)
  • Promotional Medical Education (IME)
  • Independent Medical Education (IME)
  • Grants
  • Professional Education and Grants
  • Educational Strategy
  • Medical Communications
  • Compliance
  • Medical Affairs
  • Clinical Affairs
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • eLearning
  • Academic Affairs
  • Ethics
  • Legal
  • Scientific Affairs
  • Medical Research
Secondary Market:
  • Physician Education Providers
  • Education Platform Providers
  • CME Providers
  • Virtual Platform Providers
  • Compliance Software Providers
  • CRO’s
  • Law Firms
  • Regulatory Specialists
  • Meeting Software/Platform Providers


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✔ The platform we use allows us to make polls, QA, and chat during the sessions.