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momentum room transparencyMomentum’s mission is to provide the finest quality programming, experience and community interaction among event attendees.

It’s not our event that matters…it’s what you get out of it.


Why our difference matters.


We understand that quality event experiences require an investment of time and money. We strive to create events that are as affordable as they are enjoyable, because your professional development should never come at a premium.

No risk! Our money-back guarantee is iron-clad.  Attend a Momentum event and, if are dissatisfied for any reason, simply tell us on the first day and we will refund your money in full.

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Money-Back Guarantee

Momentum is proud to offer a money-back guarantee for your peace of mind as we know you have a choice in event providers. Attendees may request a complete refund of the total purchase price paid for their attendance if dissatisfied … Continue reading

Inclusive Pricing

How many times have you registered and paid for a conference, only to discover extra fees for workshops, master classes and webinars? Nickel and diming our clients just won’t cut it so…we just don’t do it. Our registration fees are … Continue reading

Match & Meet / Momentum Connect

Knowing who will attend your event beforehand? Important. Connecting with select attendees prior to your arrival? Priceless. We believe in building true event communities. Every Momentum event provides you with access to a proprietary “Match & Meet” service, allowing you to … Continue reading

Advanced Access to Fellow Attendees

One of the key philosophies of Momentum that differentiates us from other event providers is that we believe that every attendee is entitled to know who will be at an event they are attending in advance. Armed with this intelligence, … Continue reading

Built In Networking Opportunities

Our co-founders believe that engaging in live networking opportunities is an essential component of a professionals’ career trajectory. It’s no secret that the leaders in almost every professional field have attained their position through a combination of knowledge and connections. In … Continue reading

Original Innovative Research

  Forged and refined by 25+ years of event development experience, Momentum has developed a holistic view of the issues that most impact your professional life. We refine our content by several criteria — industry, job responsibility, company and more … Continue reading

Access Complimentary Post-Event Webinars

How many times have you attended a conference where the learning and networking opportunities stopped after the closing remarks? At Momentum, we believe in event communities, not event audiences. Audiences are transactional, their time together is brief and the value … Continue reading


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