Pharmaceutical companies are investing more resources in investigator-initiated trials (IITs) as they strive to expand their commercial opportunities. Yet as organizations strive to improve and expand their IIT programs, they are struggling to ensure IIT proposals align with corporate objectives and also demonstrate scientific merit. A significant increase in the number of IIT submissions necessitates that organizations manage their IIT programs effectively to not let costs leapfrog results.
IITs are perceived as a relatively low-cost source of clinical data. They might in this way find answers to questions that were not part of the company’s original clinical development plan. This type of interaction represents an opportunity for pharmaceutical companies to enrich their strategic planning by selecting studies that might help to identify new targets, indications, subpopulations, and other advances. It should be, therefore, part of the company’s strategy to identify new opportunities through IITs. The decision to fund these projects requires deep medical insight and knowledge combined with the ability to think out of the box: a role for which consistency can be covered only under the guidance of medical affairs.

This event is designed to help pharma companies understand the wide-ranging opportunities within IITs, and demonstrate why the decision for investment in any of these trials should be based on a structured strategic plan by building a dedicated team to manage IITs to ensure that the investigators keep up the deal at their end by working with them and making sure they stay on track to complete the study.


Julian Braz
Julian Braz
Director Global Regulatory Affairs Cardiac


Dr. Deepak Bunger, MD
Dr. Deepak Bunger, MD
General Manager, Medical Affairs and Clinical Development


Steve Burmaster
Steve Burmaster
Associate Global Trial Director


Dilpreet Kaur
Dilpreet Kaur
Medical Science Liaison


Jennifer Kellen
Jennifer Kellen
Director, Investigator Grants


Lillian Phan
Lillian Phan
Associate Director, ISR & CU Program Operations, Global Medical Affairs


Amy Place
Amy Place
Global Medical Affairs


Peggy Ronsman
Peggy Ronsman
MA Sponsored, Collaborative Research and ISR Study Operations


Top Reasons to Attend

  1. Improve your Investigator-Initiated Research Strategy by Leveraging Data Insights and Clinical Research Expertise
  2. Learn How to Interpret Clinical Trial Data and Review Investigator-Initiated Research Proposals to Redefine Safety and Effectiveness Information
  3. Develop Enhanced Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to Ensure Standardization of Study Procedures
  4. Evaluate and Approve IIT Proposals in an Expedited and More Efficient Manner, While Staying Compliant
  5. Build Essential KOL Relationships and Optimize Thought Leader Management for Optimal Clinical Support
  6. Engaging Knowledgeable and Experienced Researchers to Provide a “Second Set of Eyes” and Assure IIT Soundness and Feasibility

Who Should Attend

  • Investigator-Initiated Trials (IIT), Research and Studies
  • Investigator-Initiated Research and Studies (IIRS)
  • Investigator Initiated Studies (IIS)
  • Medical Affairs
  • MSLs/Medical Communication
  • Collaborative Studies
  • Research Grants
  • Scientific Engagement
  • Global Medical Research Operations
  • External Operations & Sourcing
  • Compliance, Legal and Regulatory
  • Contract Administration
  • Clinical Trial Liaison
  • Clinical Trial Monitoring/Management
  • Clinical Data Analysis
  • Clinical Affairs
  • Clinical Research
  • Marketing Services
  • Medical Clinical Operations
  • Vendor Management



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