Medical and Scientific Affairs Communications Virtual Summit

The pandemic world is still facing how to digitize best within medical affairs and there is a greater need than ever before for engaging and informative content. Throughout the last three years, communication within the pharmaceutical industry has changed drastically. The transformation or communication to primarily virtual has vastly affected those working in the industry- both field and office based. Digitization of communication across the board has demanded medical affair professionals to embrace new skills and build new strategies for building relationships and disseminating information to the correct channels in engaging formats. 

The landscape in medical affairs has continually changed and as it continues to advance it is crucial that communication strategies be optimized and implemented to keep organizations and the data provided relevant and captivating to all audiences whether that be patients, stakeholders, or healthcare professionals

It is more important than ever before for medical affair professionals to understand storytelling, compliance, and digital strategies. Professionals in the field must embrace learning new skills and work to adjust to a constantly changing landscape. Psychological effect of COVID has created a simplified and streamlined mindset of practitioners from medical science liaisons. Medical science liaisons always tried to meet face-to-face pre-COVID, but with the technology available now, this is no longer necessary. Technology is now being taken advantage of more than ever before. Communication and data are now becoming personalized medicine both for patients and HCPs. Using new tools and digital communication strategies, organizations will remain relevant and be able to successfully communicate important data to patients, stakeholders, and healthcare professionals through the use of different channels- both in person and digitally.


LaGenia Bailey
LaGenia Bailey
Director, Medical Science & Liaison


Howard Berkowitz
Howard Berkowitz
Respiratory & Immunology Medical Science Liaison – US Field-Based Medical Affairs


Iwona Bucior
Head of Medical Strategy and Senior Director of Medical Affairs


Alex Derchak
Alex Derchak
Executive Director of External Medical Engagement and Global General Medicine Platform


Jorge Fragoso
Jorge Fragoso
Global Vaccines Project Head


Romik Ghosh
Romik Ghosh
Director Medical Affairs


Brooke Hollands
Brooke Hollands
Head of Medical Affairs Integration


Katie Luepke
Katie Luepke
Medical Affairs Director, Scientific Communications


Scott McConnell
Scott McConnell
Vice President Medical Affairs


J.R. Meloro
Global Head of Disclosure, Publications, and Transparency


Marco Navetta
Marco Navetta
Vice President, Clinical Research & Medical Affairs-Medical Strategy


Eddie Power
Eddie Power
Vice President, North America Medical Affairs, Hospital Business


Davida White
Davida White
Head of CVM Field Medical Affairs (US National Team, Strategy & Ops, Training/Development)



Develop digital communication strategies using modularization, engaging content, and compliance to portray the correct information in the most captivating way to patients, HCPs, and stakeholders.
Examine the transformation of medical affairs since COVID-19-digitization of communication, the necessity for new skillsets for MSLs, and understanding of how to engage effectively with the right physicians and how to filter out the right information to provide.
Leverage and improve soft skills to build and maintain relationships both internally and externally for medical and scientific communication professionals
Delve into the latest strategies and tips on creating great content that maintains compliance and authenticity while communicating valuable medical and scientific stories and data.
Gain a better understanding of the new role and impact digital opinion leaders have on medical communications with key stakeholders


This conference is designed for representatives from pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies with responsibilities in the following areas:

Primary Market:

  • Medical Communications
  • Scientific Communications
  • Scientific Publications
  • Medical Writing
  • Medical Science Liaisons
  • Medical Information
  • Scientific Content
  • Medical Sciences
  • Medical Capabilities
  • Medical Strategy
  • Medical Customer Engagement
  • Medical Call Center Environment
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Scientific Affairs
  • Advisory Boards
  • Clinical Writing
  • Clinical Research
  • Clinical Communications
  • Professional Education, Training, and Development
  • Document Management/eSubmissions
  • Strategic Initiatives

Secondary Market:

  • Medical Communications Agencies
  • PR and Comms firms for medical writing
  • Medical Writing/Education Firms
  • Digital Stakeholder Engagement
  • Medical Affairs Platforms
  • Content Delivery platforms
  • KOL/physician Technology/Software Providers
  • KOL/Physician Identification and Mapping Services
  • KOL/Physician Management, Social Network Analysis (SNA) or Identifiers
  • Digital Agencies



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