March 2-3, 2021 | Virtual Event Platform

At the Neighborhood Kitchens Strategy Summit connect with the founders, restaurant group leaders, distribution specialists, and real estate professionals driving the future of meal delivery.
Learn how to get a foothold whether via investment, development or expansion in the growing economy of distributed kitchens and save money by pinpointing the best approach to launching your own.


There are many causes that have recently converged to inspire the establishment of a new type of quick service “restaurant” that increases efficiency while reducing overhead costs.

This group of delivery-only restaurants, also known as Neighborhood Kitchens, Cloud Kitchens, Distributed Kitchens, and Ghost Kitchens are typically clustered in groups thus streamlining the order to preparation to delivery process.

It’s a contemporary way to save resources and gain the momentum of today’s transformations!

Speaker Highlights

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Register by 1/15/2021

  • Early Bird

Register by 2/12/2021

  • Advanced Rate

Register a group for a discount!
A group of three receives a 15% discount. 4 or more attendees receive a 25% discount.

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1- Meet and learn from the pioneers who have already launched successful Neighborhood Kitchens.
2- Pinpoint the most profitable location sourcing process for your Neighborhood Kitchens initiative.
3- Participate in the only conference dedicated to connecting real estate, restaurant industry and delivery logistics professionals ie a one stop shop for Neighborhood Kitchens entrepreneurs
4- Build relationships with the potential future partners and/or investors who will support your future growth.
5- Use this conference as a building block for your team. Find where each of your skills lie in this redesign phase and how you can implement this as a well-oiled machine.


We are inviting:
✔ Restaurant Owners
✔ Entrepreneurs
✔ Restaurant Managers
✔ Chef
✔ Digital Marketing Specialist
✔ Investor
✔ Regional Launch Directors
✔ Launch Directors
✔ Head of New Initiatives
✔ Founders
✔ Presidents
✔ Chief Brand Development
✔ Officers
✔ Chief Procurement Officers
✔ VP, Operations
From the following areas:
✔ Restaurant Industry
✔ Takeout and Delivery Industry
✔ QSR – Quick Service Restaurants
✔ Digital marketing
✔ Business management
✔ Real Estate
✔ Logistics
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