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Casey Buhler
Director of Content and Experience
Momentum Events

Market Turmoil and COVID-19-Compliance Taking the Front Seat to Navigate the Crises of 2020

Throughout the globe, 2020 was characterized by unprecedented uncertainty and shaped many organizations in ways they never imagined. Plummeting oil prices and a near global shutdown as a result of the pandemic response crippled business as usual. Often, times of unprecedented crises can create situations or opportunities to engage in risky behavior, either internally or with your 3rd parties, such as fraud, bribery, conflict of interest and other areas of ethical concern. In these high-pressure times when everyone is tasked to do much more with much less it is even more important than ever that compliance is taking a front seat in ensuring the business and partners are protected and keep their eye on the ball as they are pulled in so many different directions to “get the job done”. Join the discussion as panelists share their insights on:

  • What did the crisis teach us in regards to shifting priorities, reallocating resources, finding innovative ways to remotely ensure oversight and compliance?
  • How did compliance support peer functions in times of crisis?
  • What are the hallmarks of an effective compliance program when faced with unprecedented business disruption? How can you protect the organization? How can compliance be the catalyst for business continuity?
  • What new risks came to the surface as a result of the pandemic (i.e. broken supply chain, remote work, etc.)?

Moderator: Marianne Ibrahim | Director of Global Compliance, Baker Hughes | GE company

Panelist Stephanie Accuosti | Associate General Counsel - Compliance | Weatherford Mauricio Almar, | Assistant General Counsel, Chief of Regional Compliance, | Halliburton Brent Benoit | Chief Compliance Officer | National Oilwell Varco

FCPA and Multi-Jurisdictional Enforcement for High Risk Markets in 2020 and Beyond: Right-Sized Approaches for Achieving Best in Class Compliance

According to the FCPA Blog, last year 14 companies paid a record $2.9 billion to resolve FCPA cases which broke the prior FCPA enforcement record set in 2018 by about $8 million. 2020 will be an interesting year given the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, how did this impact FCPA violations and how did organizations ensure that the measures that they take to comply with anti-bribery and corruption are abided by even in the harshest times? During this session we will explore trends in FCPA enforcement over the past few years to see what have we learned and what can we expect to see in future trends as well as:

  • Understand the nuances, intricacies of cultural relativism and the unpredictable nature of high-risk regions in order to gain practical and country specific strategies to mitigate risks
  • Assess your own program to ensure you have a culture of compliance in the eyes of the DOJ
  • Create policies and procedures to fight corruption within your own business and throughout your supply chain with decreasing budget and resources
  • Hear real examples of multi-jurisdictional enforcement and outcomes including the ways to protect yourself amid lack of coordination and differing demands
Moderator: Jeffery B. Vaden | Partner | Bracewell Panelist Justin Olson | Chief Compliance Officer, Corporate Legal, Compliance and Risk | McDermott International Jock Pool | Chief Compliance Officer | Oceaneering International Ryan Rabalais | Ethics and Compliance Officer | Bechtel Oil, Gas & Chemical, Inc.

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Come visit our virtual lobby and connect with fellow attendees. You can chat, video and even make a list of the people you want to meet and knowledge you’re looking to gain through our bespoke 1:1 match-making services. 

What Would you Do…Modeling Behaviors and Responses to High Pressure Situations

Don’t forget to protect yourself! Oftentimes compliance professionals are under intense pressure because they are presented with or witness to something that they know may not be “in compliance” or due to the ambiguity of the situation it may deem very risky. During this interactive session the audience and panelists will be presented with a few different scenarios for you to be able to model the best way to navigate these situations, protecting yourself and the organization. Michael Donnella | Corporate Compliance Officer | Murphy Oil Corporation

Creating a Framework and Methodology for Third Party Due Diligence and Continued Monitoring/Testing Eliminate Blind Spots and Create Value for the Organization

One of the hallmarks of an effective compliance program is the performance of due diligence on customers, suppliers, agents and other business partners. The oil and gas industry has arguably the most complex and high risk global 3rd party networks which is further complicated by very deep multi-tier supply chains which exposes the organization to considerable business and compliance risks. Then, once a 3rd party has been vetted many would argue that the hardest work begins. It is more vital than ever to make sure that you have the systems in place, the continuity of compliance and you continue to ask the right questions and engage in difficult discussions to mitigate risk, prevent business disruptions and continuously monitor threats and the impact on the business. During this session the panelists will explore best practices around ways to:

  • Create an effective strategy for evaluating and monitoring risk at every level and one that can adapt to changing conditions or business needs to understand the full spectrum of compliance risks posing a threat to the organization
  • Determine how far down the supply chain your due diligence efforts need to go to achieve multi-tier supply chain visibility
  • Explore the role of data, technology and automation in enhancing your due diligence process and mitigating future risks
  • Operationalize a proactive vs reactive culture to prevent large scale compliance issues by having a level of awareness and controls imbedded in the global organization
  • Benchmark with peers, innovative ways and tips for auditing and ensuring ongoing compliance beyond simply reviewing invoices

Ronald J. Nelson | Chief Contracts Counsel | Vantage Drilling International
Joseph Taylor | Senior Counsel & Director of Anti-Corruption | National Oilwell Varco
Charles Minutella | Head of Enhanced Due Diligence | Refinitiv

Day One Concludes

Case Study on Compliance Champions: Effectively Leverage Local Resources to Expand the Compliance Footprint

Ensuring that the employees can always be the voice of integrity for the organization was never more important than during the COVID-19 crisis. Compliance professionals were unable to travel to have direct oversight and the need to have local resources available for compliance concern intake was never more crucial. Furthermore, with budgets tighter than ever, organizations need an efficient and cost effective way to ensure continuity of compliance throughout the organization. During this session, hear directly from Andrew Baird who is responsible for designing, implementing and leading the Ombuds process in all countries in which Baker Hughes, a GE Company operates globally. Mr. Baird is now continuing this work at Exterran to ensure he has a team of compliance champions in place who are properly trained to intake compliance concerns and channel cases to the appropriate investigation resources. During this session he will detail the overall structure, key functions, nomination process, training, and expectations in order to ensure that you have the most effective process to ensure you are not only creating a culture of compliance, but also trust.

Andrew Baird | Chief Compliance Officer | Exterran

Transparency and Privacy: Ensuring Compliance with Global Data Privacy Rules and Regulations

The past few years have been witness to an incredible period of evolution on the global privacy regulatory front. As data privacy falls more and more often into the lap of the in-house compliance executive, this panel will provide an overview of what you need to know, consider, prepare and plan for to ensure that your organization is abiding by the current and future data privacy laws. Also, we will discuss, beyond simply protecting employee and customer data, what are some areas that compliance needs to take a closer look at that they may not already be considering that can expose the organization to risk (i.e. instituting AI and data analytics on our “human data, biometrics, due diligence, etc.)

  • Relevant considerations for cross border data flows, due diligence, multi-jurisdictional investigations, global workforce management
  • Lessons learned on what compliance professionals are unraveling now that the rules have been in effect for a year and what are the different ways to ensure compliance
  • The impact varying (and sometimes conflicting) global privacy regulatory schemes have on privilege
  • Approaches for addressing data security – both internally and externally

Kathlynn Self | Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer | Universal Weather and Aviation
Naomi Schmold | Chief Privacy Officer & Managing Legal Counsel | Enbridge

Afternoon Virtual Coffee Break

Come visit our virtual lobby and connect with fellow attendees. You can chat, video and even make a list of the people you want to meet and knowledge you’re looking to gain through our bespoke 1:1 match-making services.

A Practical Guide for Navigating Internal Investigations from Reporting to Final Determination

From the initial receiving of the complaint, to documentation, to the detailed investigation, to the final determination, every step will be heavily scrutinized by the public, local, state and foreign government, corporation or any combination. The pressure on every compliance officer to get an investigation done quickly, efficiently and most importantly done right is more important than ever. What are the crucial steps that need to be taken at every stage to protect all parties involved and not lead to further issues? With the ever expanding role of the corporate compliance officer you are now pulled into many new areas that you have not been involved in before (i.e. human rights, data privacy, etc.) how do you ensure that you have the right system in place. During this session we will.

  • Explore the best practices, sequence of actions and proven methods to manage any internal investigation for you to be prepared with the knowledge to navigate any situation you are presented with and ensure the investigation is properly scoped?
  • Identify proven ways to convey to the business the value of the investment that you need to ensure you have the proper resources
  • What are some effective whistleblowing and internal hotline processes to gain trust and confidence?
  • Ways to ensure your actions are promoting a culture of transparency and compliance throughout the organization

Matthew G. Nielsen | Partner | Bracewell
Michael Jackman, Deputy Chief Compliance Officer, Flowserve

Building a Culture of Integrity to Maintain Continuity of Compliance Everywhere you Have a Global Footprint

The role of the senior compliance executive has evolved to be in more areas of the business than anyone would have ever foreseen. However, still seen as the cost center of the business, compliance often can be a vehicle to achieve business objectives and gain customers trust or, most critically, save them from financial ruin. There needs to be a shift in most organizations to view compliance as a value enabler instead of a cost center. How can you ensure that you are driving this message in your organization and ingraining compliance into the DNA of the organization? During this session we will tackle this issue as well as:

  • Actively create a mindset and platform of continuous improvement to effectively move beyond check-the-box activities or being seen as a roadblock to achieving their business objectives
  • Effective ways to implement company-wide training in difficult regions or locations, including out of the box training methods that will appeal and are relevant to the needs and perspectives of the multi-generational/multi-cultural workforce
  • Ways to ensure you have created a platform that can resonate with the organization by not just providing negative consequences for failing but clearly conveyed positive motivations for being compliant
  • As a result of COVID-19 crisis and decreased resources, what did you already have in place to leverage the continuity of compliance or what did you do differently that worked

Daniel Elustondo | Senior Legal Counsel | Shell
Fermeen Fazal | Vice President, Chief Legal Officer, and Chief Compliance Officer |
Lara D. Hajjar| Assistant General Counsel | Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc.

The Oil & Gas Compliance Virtual Forum Concludes

Virtual Coffee Talk

Come visit our virtual lobby and connect with fellow attendees. You can chat, video and even make a list of the people you want to meet and knowledge you’re looking to gain through our bespoke 1:1 match-making services. 

Virtual Event Opening

Casey Buhler | Director of Content and Experience | Momentum Events

Two Part Session-Updates on Sanctions and Navigating Uncertainty and Ensuring Compliance with a Moving Target

Given the dynamic nature of U.S. economic and trade sanctions, a successful and effective program should be capable of adjusting rapidly to changes published by OFAC. Divided into two segments, the first segment of the discussion will be dedicated to addressing up to the minute changes to global sanctions regulations, enforcement in key regions, with an update from a senior member of OFAC. The second part of the session will explore how oil and gas compliance professionals are effectively maintaining compliance and have a system in place to respond to the ever-changing rules, regulations and controls. During this session

  • Hear perspectives from both government and your peers on how to ensure that you have a program in place to ensure real time adjustments and agility to constantly changing rules as well as a way to navigate the lack of clarity or ambiguity
  • Learn how to resolve issues around having “difficult” conversations with business leads about ceasing certain transactions or deals due to new rules or controls

Silvia Surman, JD | Director of Ethics and Compliance | American Bureau of Shipping
Holly Sais Phillippi | Head of Risk Proposition Sales | Refinitiv
Nikole Thomas | Assistant Director Licensing | OFAC

If you are interested in speaking opportunities, please email Casey Buhler at

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