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Event organizing can be a massive drain on any business, but it takes a special toll on organization where conference development is not the core offering including enterprise businesses, media companies, trade associations, academic institutions and non-profits.

Scalability is hard to achieve, and the size of staff required to professional deliver a top-quality event if often too large to carry full-time, so businesses resort to allocating the responsibilities to internal resources where attention and effort is diverted from the enterprise’s core business functions.

In addition, the focus required to evaluate, develop and deploy a proper event growth strategy can be limited at best.

Fortunately, there’s Momentum. Our decades of professional event experience provide any organization with a ready-made, outsourced event team who are expert at delivering top-quality events and a vision for growth. We worry about your conference strategy and execution so you don’t have to.

Our services can include any or all of the following:

  • Content Development: We can research with the target market, validate your ideas and present an unbiased, third-party developed commercial program.
  • Audience Development: Audience development is one of Momentum’s defining services. Our organization manages a sophisticated marketing approach, powered by and integrated with a highly trained and effective audience development team trained on the latest social selling techniques that speak to decision makers every day. We are direct marketing experts and our approach is targeted, specific and meticulous.
  • Digital Marketing: From animated podcasts to an “always updated” event website designed from the ground up for SEO, we develop collateral used to drive attendee registrations, engagement and awareness. Infobrochures, logos, sponsorship prospectuses and more, Momentum is designed to run fast and lean while not compromising on quality.
  • Sponsorship: We research with prospective sponsors as well as competitive event sponsors in order to best determine the levels of sponsorship that will have the most appeal, generate customized proposals tailored to the specific needs of the sponsors in order to ensure maximum value is realized and deliver superior activation and customer service throughout the entire relationship.
  • Customer Services & Operations: Event inquiries, collections, full management of the venue RFP process, contract negotiations, management of the F&B spend and menu, room block management, badges, social events, signage and more – these details add up quickly but fortunately, Momentum’s team has run 1000s of events and knows how to manage the process with ease to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.
  • On-Site: Rest easy, Momentum has you covered. We provide a full onsite team and know how to hire local staff when we need more help. We manage the registration desk, speaker green room and attend to the needs of every attendee and VIP. We even ship our own supplies so your team doesn’t need to bring anything to the event.

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