April 27, 2021 | Virtual Event


9:30 am Virtual Coffee Talk!
Come visit our virtual lobby and connect with fellow attendees. You can chat, video and even make a list of the people you want to meet and knowledge you’re looking to gain through our bespoke 1:1 meeting match-making services.
10:25 am Introduction to the Virtual Event Platform

Marni Edelhart, VP, Content, Momentum Events

10:30 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Faquiry Diaz, Lionheart Capital

10:35 am Technology SPAC – Fundamentals and Full Lifecycle Execution

This session will address the following questions:

  • What is a SPAC and who participates in the SPAC?
  • What is are the criteria for evaluating whether a SPAC is the right opportunity?
  • How have SPACs evolved to become a significant part of the public capital markets and are SPACs here to stay?
  • Trends and analytics of SPACs
  • What can a SPAC provide to an operating business?
  • What are the challenges of the de-SPAC process?
  • What should board members consider when thinking about becoming public via SPAC?

Avi Katz, Founding Managing Partner & Chairman of the BOD, GigCapital
Raluca Dinu, President & CEO, GigCapital
Jeffrey Selman, Corporate Partner, DLA Piper


11:35 am Determining When a SPAC is Your Best Path to an IPO


  • Understanding why SPACS must show more than financial engineering to win over target companies
  • What forces are shaping up to make 2021 a make-or-break year for blank-check companies
  • Examining why stiffer competition is leading to friendlier deal terms including reducing the equity in exchange for striking a merger
  • Benchmarking strategies that have allowed for appealing SPACs

Karen Snow, SVP, NASDAQ

David Bukzin, Vice Chairman, Marcum LLP

12:15 pm Networking Break
12:35 pm Finding Deals: Current and Future State of the SPAC Market

A deep-dive into the current state of the market including trends this year and beyond. How to deal with the glut of competition among SPACs looking for target companies? What type of SPAC sponsors can lead to better returns for investors?


  • A comprehensive outlook on the economy and what the future holds post-COVID
  • Highlighting potential valuable industries which SPACs have not ventured into
  • Weighing the pros and cons that come from SPAC merger vs IPO
  • Proposing what the future holds for SPACs and the entire market
  • Potential trends in the financial market which are seeking to interact with SPACs

Dan Gross, Chief Investment Officer, Climate Real Impact Solutions
Mike Edelhart, Managing Partner, Social Starts & Joyance Partners
Shuja Keen, Managing Partner, TRG Holdings, LLC

Preston R. Brewer, Principal Legal Analyst – Transactions / Capital Markets

1:05 pm SPAC Legal Implications

What are some of the legal nuances that every investor/company should understand about SPACs? What does the deal structure look like? What are some differences and similarities between the IPO and SPAC on the legal side? Do SPACs require more legal work? Takeaways:

  • Specific details about SPACs and their creation
  • Review of the deal structure of a SPAC
  • Legal backdrop for a SPAC transaction
  • Possible hurdles in the legal process of a SPAC (proxy statement, S-1, warrants)
  • Differences between IPO and SPAC from a legal perspective

John Maselli, Corporate Partner, DLA Piper

1:35 pm Why Shift Chose a SPAC: A case study of the pros and cons of going public in a nontraditional way


  • Circumstances and considerations that led us to proceed with a SPAC
  • Why we chose this model over a traditional IPO
  • Lessons learned during the transaction process

George Arison, Co-founder, and Co-CEO, SHIFT TECHNOLOGIES, INC.


2:05 pm Panel Discussion: Nuts and Bolts of Striking Deals

How are deals originated by the SPAC teams? How do they select potential targets and how do they narrow down the search? How is the final company found and what requirements are usually necessary for a company to be considered (profitable, capital raised, investor backing)?


  • Dealing with a crowded market where the supply of SPACs may materially exceed the number of viable companies ready to enter the public markets
  • Identify what aspects of a business make a company a potentially attractive candidate to SPAC management teams
  • Ensuring the credibility of SPAC sponsors as scrutiny around performance grows
  • Attracting deal flow from all channels and how to gain new channels of information flow

Kevin Chen, Chairman & CEO, EDOC
Steven Levine, CEO and Head of Investment Banking, EarlyBird Capital

Joshua Franklin, Financial Reporter, Thomson Reuters


2:45 pm Networking Break
2:55 pm SPAC Lifecycle – Solutions to Mitigating Riskisk

From raising sponsor capital, until the deal is truly closed, SPACS require comprehensive due diligence and financial protection for all players involved. Our panel discussion will feature a deeper dive into holistic, insurance considerations such as protecting the transaction, the Director and/or Officer, and ultimately, the post-merger firm.

Pam Greene, Partner, Aon
Kristin Kraeger, Managing Director, Aon
Matthew Schneider, Co-CEO, M&A and Transaction Solutions for Aon
Daniel Howard, Senior Vice President, M&A and Transaction Solutions, Aon

3:55 pm Keynote Speaker | The Spectacular Rise of SPACs and The Implications for the Future of Equity, M&A, and Beyond

A selected market specialist and prominent investor will provide his/her take on a variety of topics related to SPACs and his/her approach to the SPAC process.


  • Navigating a market where SPACs are facing stiff competition as multiple players compete for a target company
  • Assessing whether SPACs remain dominant should the market correct in 2021?
  • Potential trends in the financial market which are seeking to interact with SPACs
  • Outlining the improved regulatory requirements and increased appeal of SPACs
  • Reviewing recent high profile and successful acquisitions have helped to build the interest and momentum behind one of this year’s biggest trends

Elinor L. Hoover, Managing Director Global Co-Head Consumer Products Group, Citi


4:25 pm Assessing Threats and Opportunities to the Existing SPAC Business Model


  • Understanding the importance of vetting in an effort to mitigate creative accounting or fraud
  • Examining companies that didn’t plan for an IPO for two or so years but will end up going public via the SPAC route given over 200 billion dollars available in the market
  • Will there be a dampening in appeal to the SPAC business model as equity reward shrinks as well as profits?
  • Understanding how the sudden rush of mergers has decreased much of the available PIPE capital
  • IPOs vs. SPACs: Who will win in 2021? Or can both co-exist?

Mark Ein, Chairman and CEO, Capitol Investment Corp.


4:55 pm SPAC Best Practices and Trends to Come in the Next Decade


  • Navigating a market where SPACs are facing stiff competition as multiple players compete for a target company
  • Leaning into your reputation as a leader and pitching your credentials to target companies
  • Examining the state of the market and why SPACS are here to stay

David Panton, Managing Partner, Navigation Capital


5:25 pm Chairperson’s Closing Remarks

Faquiry Diaz, Lionheart Capital

5:35 pm Event Concludes & Virtual Lobby Opens

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