Katherine Del Gesso

Head of Global Security Compliance and Privacy @ Facebook

Kathy Del Gesso is the Head of Global Security Compliance and Privacy at Facebook, where she focuses on privacy and regulatory issues related to technology supporting critical global security functions. Prior to Facebook, Kathy served as the Director of Security Governance Risk and Compliance at Credit Karma, where she built the program from the ground up. She previously worked as the Division Chief of Security Assurance at the United States Coast Guard where she drove the implementation of security risk mitigations on land and sea to enhance the Coast Guard security posture throughout global locations. Prior to this experience, Kathy served as a consultant for Booz Allen and Deloitte & Touche leading and performing various security assessments across industries.

She is an active member of AnitaB.org, Women in Security and Privacy (WISP), and TechWomen communities and enjoys spending time with her lovable border collie beagle Zoie.


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