Paige Bartley

Senior Analyst, Data, AI, and Analytics @ 451 Research

Paige is a Senior Analyst for the Data, AI and Analytics research channel at 451 Research, covering core data management and data governance topics. She has experience covering a broad range of technologies and themes including data privacy, compliance, data ethics, analytics, self-service enablement, data access, data integration, and data policy management.

In her current areas of research, Paige is analyzing the need for information governance to maximize the value of enterprise data in the midst of proliferating global regulatory requirements. With data privacy as an area of specialty, Paige explores how the enterprise can align technical requirements with business strategy, enabling more profitable and compliant leverage of data.

Early in her career, Paige worked on the vendor side, providing marketing and strategy for ZL Technologies, an information governance provider that specializes in the management of unstructured data for compliance, records management, and archiving needs. Prior to working at 451 Research, she was a Senior Analyst at Ovum.


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