August 2021

The Lumber Exchange, Minneapolis, MN

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Workshop One – Copywriting for Print that Resonates with your Market and your Message

Your brand voice matters. For each channel be it print, social, e-mail, podcast, etc the words and phrasing you use will determine whether you catch a customer’s interest or whether they simply tune you out. This workshop will provide a deep dive into the best copywriting strategies for printed marketing pieces.

  • Hear how Copywriting leaders think about the copy they use in marketing as well as on their packaging and in the mini magazines that they provide to customers.
  • Engage with your fellow multi-channel marketers to brainstorm best practices for writing attention-grabbing copy.
  • Leave with a new copywriting skill set that you can take back to the office and share with your fellow marketers.
  • Alan Rosenspan,, President & Chief Creative Officer, Alan Rosenspan & Associates

Networking Break

Workshop Two – New Design Strategies that Make Direct Mail Pieces Pop

The power of direct mail lies in the moments that a particular marketing piece is physically in the hands of your target customer. How you design that piece - from imagery to fonts to materials - will determine whether that customer gives it a second glance or tosses it immediately into the recycling bin. Two design leaders from leading Minneapolis agency Little and Co will bring the strategies they have used to drive results for brands like Target, Lowe’s and The Minnesota Timberwolves to bear in this design deep dive.

  • Compare and contrast the most impactful direct mail pieces for clear examples of what works and what misses the mark.
  • Develop a visual personality for your brand that conveys a lot of value in a single glance.
  • Learn about new design strategies in print including innovative formats and materials that make the most of this unique channel.
  • Joe Cecere, President, Chief Creative Officer, Little
  • Michael Schacherer, VP, Creative Director, Little

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Keynote: A Digitally Native Brand’s Perspective on Why Print Now

Increasingly, digitally native brands are experimenting with Print marketing with everything from postcards to coupons to catalogs. It may, at first, seem counter-intuitive that brands designed for the Instagram generation would leave their natural habitat of digital channels, but even these digital natives have found promising results from print marketing. During this keynote you will:

  • Hear from a leading digitally native brand about their approach to print marketing
  • Learn new skills for tying your social channels to your print channels and helping them to feed into one another
  • Gain an understanding of how to bring a “cool” factor to your print marketing pieces.
  • Carter Baldwin, VP, Content & Creative, FabFitFun

Fireside Chat:

Networking Break

Presentation – Direct Mail, The New Fundamentals

  • Keith Goodman, VP, Corporate Solutions, Modern Postcard

Case Study – Personalizing your Print to Capitalize on Data Without Going too Far

One of the best ways to drive results with your marketing efforts is to make each touchpoint as relevant to that particular customer as possible. Personalization comes in many forms some of which delight the customer and result in purchases while others cross the line into creepy. Two marketing leaders from Sleep Number will share:

  • Data from experiments in print personalization
  • Personalization marketing approaches that drive specific buying behavior
  • How to pair personalization and targeting to make sure you hit the right customer at the right moment
  • Jen Busch, Senior Manager, CRM & Marketing, Sleep Number
  • Lisa Erickson, Senior Director, Customer Relationship Management & Loyalty, Sleep Number

Targeting Print Campaigns to Make the Most of Every Cent you Spend

One common argument against print is that it costs so much more than digital marketing channels. Cost, however, is relative to results and BJ’s has found that by optimizing the targeting behind print campaigns they have realized measurable benefits from their investment in print. This session offers:

  • An explanation of how shifting from zip code based targeting to a household level view transformed their marketing results
  • Strategies for marketers to collaborate with their analytics teams - both internal and external - to drive more targeted campaigns
  • How to think about costs on the incremental level in order to truly understand the value of print

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Keynote: Meeting Your Customer Where They Are With Personalized Multi-Channel Marketing

In an increasingly regulated marketing reality data-driven personalization is both more important to maintaining relevance with your customers and more difficult to achieve. The key measure to gauge the relevance and value of your marketing message across all platforms is response. Are your customers responding to your marketing efforts? During this keynote you will:

  • Learn about understanding and responding your customer’s wishes across both print and digital channels
  • Hear actual data around the value of personalization to customer engagement
  • Gain a clear understanding of how to use data not only to market to your customer, but to better understand that customer’s needs and behavior
  • Neil O’Keefe, VVP, Enterprise Marketing & CRM, 1-800-FLOWERS.COM Inc.

Roundtable Sessions

Roundtable 1: Growth Marketer’s Guide to Direct Mail

  • Matt Whipple, VP, Marketing Services & Campaign Strategy, Speedeon Data
Roundtable 2: Innovations in Print - Combining Print and Digital for Best Results Roundtable 3: Reaching Overlooked Communities with Traditional Channels
  • Michelle Lynne Benson, National Director of Marketing & Communications, College

Networking Break


  • Christopher Foster, VP, Business Development, Modern Postcard


Panel – How Successful Brands are Actually Measuring the Success of Print Campaigns

Data collection and analytics have been instrumental in digital marketing since its inception. In the absence of cookies and other tracking tools, print falls outside of the processes developed for data-driven marketing in the digital age. This panel conversation offers:

  • Strategies for tracking the customer journey from digital to print to retail and back again.
  • Tools that allow for data collection in print marketing campaigns.
  • Approaches for collaboration between your data science and marketing teams in order to foster more data-driven print marketing
  • Debbie Roth, VP, Sales & Marketing, Japs-Olson Company
  • Faye Bliese, Director, Brand & Digital Transformation, Land O Lakes/Winfield

Panel: Keeping Print Marketing in Line with your Sustainable Brand

Perhaps no buzzword has dominated recent branding trends more than “sustainable.” Climate change and environmental health are at the forefront of many consumers’ minds and if you are targeting those customers your brand needs to align with their values. This panel led by the US Forest Stewardship Council will:

  • Explain how print can reflect as opposed to contradict your brand’s commitment to sustainability
  • How to ensure your sustainability practices are highlighted in print pieces
  • Outline waste minimizing strategies for print marketers
  • Chris McLaren, CMO, US Forest Stewardship Council

Networking Break

Case Study: Print as an Entryway to Immersive AR that Creates Memorable Moments

Print and Augmented Reality have overlap more naturally than you might imagine. Many augmented reality experiences are triggered by some kind of symbol like a QR code on a print piece. This Case Study will reveal:

  • How incorporation of AR can make your print pieces especially memorable
  • Real data behind AR tie ins with print marketing pieces for major brands
  • The process of creating and rolling out your own AR/Print marketing campaign
  • Dan Ferguson, Founder, GrooveJones

How Data Paired with Direct Mail Drives Revenue

In order for a marketing strategy to succeed every dollar spent needs to prove its value by driving increased revenue. Therefore, the advent of digital marketing at first seemed to offer countless inexpensive opportunities to acquire and retain customers. As digital noise has grown louder however, print offers a clear way to break through and reach your target audience effectively. This keynote will leave you:

  • Ready to revamp your print strategy with ROI in mind
  • Review your current marketing effort to ensure they still align with your brand goals
  • Reach new heights of revenue with new print marketing efforts
  • Pam Kermisch, Chief Customer Engagement & Growth Officer, Polaris

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