November 16-17, 2021 | Virtual Event



Day One | November 16, 2021
Day Two | November 17, 2021
Day One | November 16, 2021

Marni Edelhart, VP, Content, MOMENTUM EVENTS
Multi-Channel Marketing requires interacting with your customer across a variety of touch points. If you limit yourself to digital touch points, you limit your brand’s reach and the impact of your campaigns. True multi-channel goes beyond digital to catalogs, postcards and print advertising.

This session offers:
  • • How to implement cross-channel triggers
  • • Fitting print into your cross-channel sequencing
  • • Creating campaigns that are both consistent and suited to individual channels

Liz Dolinski, Chief Growth Officer, LUNYA
A lot of print marketing comes from local small businesses. Coupons for pizza, flyers for the local plumber, etc. Small businesses have tapped into the value of print and it must be working since they keep doing it. Learn from these small businesses about how and why they make the investment in Print.

This session offers:
  • • Data from actual small business print case studies
  • • How big brands can expand on small business strategies
  • • Ways to make big businesses feel small via print
Quarantines drove most shoppers to eCommerce, but for some products like furniture – sitting is believing. Stores now need strategic marketing campaigns that tap into the enthusiasm for a return to in-person shopping and make sure that your store is their first stop.

This session offers:
  • • Specifics of successful print campaigns for driving customers back into stores
  • • Details for how an eCommerce campaign differs from an in-store campaign
  • • How to make the return to the store as fun as possible

Justin Sucher, Director of Marketing, YARDBIRD
Sleep number greatly increased their print marketing during the pandemic and saw exciting results. They have taken significant steps towards personalization and segmentation that make their approach to print especially effective.

During this session:
  • • Learn how Sleep Number segments their customers
  • • Gain tactics for personalization that enhance print marketing
  • • Hear about a rewards program that makes for truly loyal customers

Lisa Erickson, Senior Director, CRM & Loyalty, SLEEP NUMBER
Some of the most creative brands when it comes to print have exclusively digital roots. These brands have recognized that customers connect differently with brands in offline vs online environments.

This panel of digitally native marketers will address:
  • • How to create sophisticated and resonant print marketing campaigns
  • • The importance of print for fostering connections with customers
  • • Post-purchase print branding ie packaging that results in retention

Meng Li, VP, Marketing, NATIVE
Nothing pairs well with a morning cup of coffee like flipping through a beautiful catalog. Recently, long time cataloguers have been joined by eCommerce brands in launching artistically designed and content-packed catalogs.

Learn from Catalog pros how to:
  • • Design a catalog that converts
  • • What offers pair best with catalogs
  • • Selecting the right time to mail your catalog

Jennifer Dumas, Marketing Director, HAMMACHER SCHLEMMER

Customer Retention

Customer Acquisition

Data & Analytics
Just about every type of product is currently available via subscription from the traditional magazine to supplements to underwear. Subscription brands often rely on print materials to acquire and retain customers.

From this session:
  • • Learn why print offers especial value for subscription brands
  • • What long time subscription models like magazines and newspapers have to teach other sectors
  • • Where print fits in acquisition vs retention of subscription customers

Day Two | November 17, 2021

Marni Edelhart, VP, Content, MOMENTUM EVENTS
Marketing meant something different when everyone was trapped at home and online for all their interactions. In some ways, that shift suggests that digital marketing would have been especially well-timed. For screen-saturated customers however, the walk from the mailbox to the dining table became a cherished time and a flyer that might have otherwise been discarded became a brief interaction with the outside world.

This session will:
  • • Distinguish between the pandemic trends that will remain and those that will fall away.
  • • Offer strategies for capturing the attention of screen-overloaded customers
  • • Provide language and tactics for addressing social issues during sensitives times
Many brands fixate on targeting younger customers with their marketing, but when it comes to healthcare that is simply not an option – everyone needs access and everyone needs to receive information about their care. Therefore, when it comes to healthcare marketing a multi-channel approach that includes offline options is not only valuable, it is mandatory.

During this session:
  • • Tap into the power of print for customer care messaging
  • • Taking a cost-effective approach that incorporates print where it makes the most sense
  • • Print branding that engenders trust with sensitive information

Elizabeth Ross, CMO, BRIGHT HEALTH
A print piece is only as powerful if your customer pays attention to it. Great design catches that attention so that your products and your offers shine. The creative speakers leading this session will:

  • • Dissect how color and imagery work to catch eyes
  • • Explain other sensory inputs such as texture that help make print pieces stand out
  • • Provide examples of successful print pieces that paid dividends
The right deal can guarantee action. When you take the time to invest in print as opposed to less expensive digital channels, you want to know that it will turn into sales. Therefore the offer you make in print needs to make an impact.

This session offers:
  • • When to offer a multichannel deal vs a print-specific one
  • • The types of deals that make the biggest impact in print
  • • How to create a deal that drives not just a sale, but creates a lasting connection with your customer



Advertising in Print plays a very different role in multichannel marketing than direct mail, but that role is still important. The right data-driven decisions can ensure the placements of print ads pays off every time.
New MRI studies have proven something we’ve known since the Dawn of Time: all humans love great stories with compelling characters. This simple, common, shared attribute has been hard-wired in our DNA across time and continents. It’s simply easier for people to understand ideas if they’re told as a story. This presentation will address practical techniques, and case studies on why and how to use storytelling + print to attract and retain customers…and authentically connect you with your audience.

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