The Weather has an enormous capacity to impact every type of business. Whether it be driving demand for particular products, influencing customer behavior, or putting your services at risk the weather will influence how you do business. Companies that simply react to the weather miss opportunities and lose money every day. You want to be amongst those who have the data needed to anticipate, prepare for and respond effectively to shifts in demand or potential disruptions. At The Weather Solutions and Strategies Events, you will learn from a cross-industry mix of weather and business experts in order to become a weather anticipator as opposed to a weather reactor.

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Empowering Utility Companies to Predict and Prevent Challenges Before They Occur

The energy & utility industry is moving towards a fundamental shift in its operations to build a solid foundation for a resilient, reliable, and sustainable infrastructure. This evolution requires a core set of capabilities to maintain the utility social contract of providing uninterrupted power to connected customers. The speed at which this occurs depends on many factors, including vegetation growth and weather events.
Robbie Berglund, E&U Global Business Executive, Weather Solutions at IBM

Using Weather, Climate and Environmental forecasts to improve airport operations Webcast

Airline and airport operations weather forecast solutions are critical to helping improve safety, efficiency and performance.

Shipping & global air travel involves greater responsibility. Weather can significantly affect airport operations. Every decision must account across a wide range of factors, such as safety, timing, aircraft functionality and airline profitability. One of the most critical successful operations relies on the overall understanding of weather’s impact end to end.

Come to this session to hear how airports are using the IBM Weather Operations Center for Airports to continuously monitor weather conditions and stay informed of potential impacts. 

In this exclusive session, you will hear repeatable client use cases where they planned and responded to disruptive events like weather to ensure business continuity.

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You & Your Policyholders Win When You Know When & Where Claims Are Likely

June 9th, 2021

Predicting when, where and the size of insurance claims is essential to the financial success of insurance companies. Improving the accuracy of these predictions can therefore be a game-changer. Join us in this session to learn how the IBM Weather Operations Center can help your organization gain new insights into when, where, and to whom weather perils will cause insurance claims. The solution uses weather data, geospatial modeling tools, geographical visualizations, and notifications/alerts so insurers can gain a more precise and accurate assessment of claim risk. Don’t miss this opportunity to see how you can use the Weather Operations Center in action to reduce risk and costs while improving customer satisfaction.


Jeff Noel, IBM Meteorologist and Insurance Solutions Lead

Michael Wang, IBM

Mark Kotzer, Signal4D Insurance Solutions

Who Should Attend:

  • Insurance
  • Financial Services
Job Titles/Functions:
  • Catastrophe Response Leaders/Managers/Directors
  • Claims Operations Manager/Directors
  • Claims Innovation Leader/Manager
  • Claims Data Science Leaders
  • Risk assessment
  • Data Science /IT
  • CIO, Chief Data Officer
  • Operations
  • COO , VP of Operations

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Elevate the Digital Experience of your Policyholders with Weather Insights

June 16th, 2021

The digital transformation of insurance – powered by artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and mobile services – is enabling providers to offer more meaningful and valuable digital experiences to their policyholders. Easy-to-use apps, live chat, real-time status updates, mobile claims submissions and updates, deposits, and bill payments are now table stakes for insurers. So how can you make your digital experience stand out? Come to this session and learn how you can quickly and easily elevate your policy holder’s digital experience with weather intelligence. Given the increasing impact weather has on daily lives, innovative insurers are triggering messages to their policyholders that are informed by weather conditions and forecasts. We will demonstrate how to create actionable, personalized, and valuable interactions with your policyholders that can build loyalty, improve customer satisfaction and increase retention.


Jeff Noel, IBM Meteorologist and Insurance Solutions Lead

Who Should Attend:

  • Insurance
  • Financial Services – Banking
Job Titles/Functions:
  • CMOs
  • Innovation Leaders – VP, AVP, Directors
  • Digital Communication Leaders – VP, AVP, Directors
  • Mobile App Strategy Leaders
  • Policyholder Experience Leaders

Who Should Attend:

Power and Utilities Executives Including:
✔ Chief Operation Officers
✔ Vice Presidents of Operations
✔ Heads of Operations

Vegetation Management Executives Including:
✔ Arborists
✔ Foresters
✔ Transmission and Distribution Executives
✔ Emergency Response Managers