April 9 1pm EST

Building Products with Privacy by Design

Many organizations have found that the best way to ensure privacy compliance is to build it into all products from the ground up. If you make privacy an inherent part of your products you can breathe more easily when it comes to analyzing how those products are used. 
Elena Ames, Global Privacy and Data Protection Manager, Medtronic

April 14 1pm EST

A Case Study In Fundraising for Psychedelics: Field Trip

Recently, Field Trip Health closed its oversubscribed Series A financing round for $8.5M USD, funding that will help drive their strategic plan to build out the world’s first network of medical centres focused exclusively on psychedelic-enhanced psychotherapy. “The interest we had in this financing came from a broad and varied group of academics, entrepreneurs, medical professionals, financial professionals and investment funds,” said Ronan Levy, Executive Chairman of Field Trip. During this webinar, gain exclusive insights into the unique challenges and opportunities Field Trip encountered when fundraising for a business that continues to evolve with the legal landscape, understand their short and long term objectives, and understand what their experience might mean for other ventures in the psychedelic assisted psychotherapy marketplace.
Ronan Levy, Executive Chairman, Field Trip

April 15 1pm EST

How to Shift Culture to Support Everyone During Remote Working

We are all working differently. Our lives changed overnight in almost every way including how and where we work, who we are socializing with, how much time we are spending with loved ones, how we are connecting with other people including the tools we are using to talk and work. How has this impacted your company culture? Are you using this as an opportunity to improve culture, or are you merely surviving? In this webinar, Denise Gaskin will give you concrete ideas on how to use this time of crisis to improve your workplace. She shows you how to support your people to be calm, innovative, connected, and productive.

Denise Gaskin, President, Ravenwork

April 16 1pm EST

Direct Mail in a Digital World

Are you satisfied with the results of your last direct mail campaign? Do you think your direct mail could be working much harder for you? Now there’s a way to incorporate the lesson of digital marketing into your next direct mail campaign, and dramatically improve your response. This 45-minute webinar show you the 10 key components of digital marketing – and how to apply them to your next direct mail campaign. Each attendee will also receive a digital copy of 101 Ways to Improve Response.

Alan Rosenspan, President & Creative Director, Alan Rosenspan & Associates

April 23 1pm EST

Deciphering and Responding to the Nuances of “Personal Information” to stay in line with Changing Regulations and Definitions

Modern data privacy laws define “personal information” broadly as data relating to an identifiable individual. But what makes a person “identifiable,” and what techniques can be employed to de-identify data to loosen or eliminate the controls imposed by data privacy laws? This session will explore the various approaches to defining “personal information” and the implications for data analytics.
Matt Loar, Data Protection & Privacy Counsel, CBRE

April 28 1pm EST

Blockchain and Smart Contracts Technology: Utilizing Automated

Jameson Rice, Associate, Holland and Knight

April 30 1pm EST

Research: Aligning Business Priorities Around Privacy for Lasting Compliance

Now that you have spent the conference learning all about the importance of creating a strategy for privacy compliance, you face the challenge of translating this knowledge to your fellow business leaders back in the office. Paige Bartley has conducted some intensive research around the best approaches to align business values around privacy. She will close out the conference by sharing her insights into these approaches so that you leave ready to turn your learnings into actions.

Paige Bartley, Senior Analyst – Data, AI, and Analytics, 451 Research


May 7 1pm EST

Living With Depression: How an Attorney Battled His Demons And Lived to Talk about It

This engaging webinar will share real-life stories as how a successful attorney has battled depression. You will hear how the stigma of mental health initially affected his professional and personal lives; what he did to change the way depression and mental health is viewed and what he is doing now to carry on personally, while shedding light into this important topic.

Mark Goldstein, Partner, Labor & Employment Group, Reed Smith

May 21 1pm EST

Why Blockchain? Eliminating Misinformation and Misunderstandings as Barriers to Value Enablement

At this point we know what blockchain is. We have been inundated with articles, social media posts, presentations and news reports about what this technology is capable of. But why blockchain? In order to win over the hearts and minds of the organization join the discussion as we take a look at the true transformational potential of blockchain. Move beyond the technical side of what blockchain is to understand the business relevance and importance to be able to put the potential of this revolutionary technology in a context that the organization can embrace and onboard.

Samantha Radocchia, Emerging Tech Entrepreneur, Author, “Bitcoin Pizza: The No-BS Guide to Blockchain”

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