ACES Compliance Summit

May 16-17, 2022 | American University College Washington School of Law, Washington D.C


Ashley Csaki, Program Director, MOMENTUM
During this interactive dialogue, join Government experts as they engage in a lively and educational discussion exploring the latest trends, priorities, legislation and policies impacting compliance in the US and abroad. With insightful perspectives and practical guidance for improving your current practices and procedures, including possible discussion on:
  • The latest SEC, DOJ and FBI enforcement actions- key facts, figures and takeaways surrounding criminal and civil penalties and resolutions
  • The Biden Administration’s National Security Study Memorandum (NSSM)- identifying the most relevant and pressing considerations for compliance officers and the private sector
  • Addressing AML considerations and the proposed regulation for all-cash real- estate purchases
  • Cross border enforcement and increasing cooperation between U.S. and foreign agencies- what compliance officers need to know
  • Compliance must haves- why due diligence questionnaires and compliance certificates just won’t cut it anymore
Nicole Creola Kelly, Chief, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, OFFICE OF THE WHISTLEBLOWER
Timothy Thibault, Assistant Special Agent in Charge – Washington Field Office at FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION (FBI)

Maria Gonzalez Calvet, Partner, ROPES & GRAY

A Practical Scenario Exercise

Roll up your sleeves and prepare to issue spot and troubleshoot during this highly interactive and collaborative group exercise.

Initially understood as a corruption violation, learn how Compliance Officer at “Company X”, upon further examination of existing violations, discover that more systemic problems exist spanning export control and trade practices within the company. Using live polling and hypothetical fact patterns, presenters will walk attendees through various scenarios that pose risk and uncertainty to even the savviest compliance officer.

Collaborate and exchange best practices with speakers and the audience as you explore the various practices, protocols and procedures your company should have in place to ensure that proper checks and balances are enforced, between, amongst and across departments. Walk away from this session with tips for encouraging communication between legal and compliance departments.

Ethan Kate, Legal Counsel, Global Trade Compliance and Anti-Bribery and Corruption, DELL TECHNOLOGIES

Doreen Edelman, Partner & Chair, Global Trade & Policy Practice, LOWENSTEIN SANDLER LLP
You have just been hired as the first Chief Compliance Officer of Company X, a publicly traded defense manufacturer with subsidiaries in France and the UK. During this collaborative session roll up your sleeves and prepare to engage in a lively discussion exploring what an ideal risk assessment would look like, including possible discussion on:
  • Regulatory guidance and expectations
  • Effective information gathering methods
  • Quantifying and documenting risks
  • Using data and analytics to spot non-compliance and reduce corporate liability
  • Assessing emerging and evolving technologies
Larry Fink, Senior Assistant General Counsel and Vice President, LEIDOS
Lynn Van Buren, Global Compliance Counsel, SPIRE GLOBAL
You have heard it before- compliance officers sharing extraordinary tales of training initiatives, some involving Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Hollywood production teams- while your training operations remain antiquated and uninspired.

Intentionally crafted to address a broad range of budgets, listen and learn as leaders on the cutting edge of training innovation share success stories for engaging colleagues in ways that are not only celebrated but most importantly effective in ensuring compliance comprehension across your organization. Including possible discussion on:
  • Gamification
  • Immersive exercises
  • Scenario based training
  • Tracking and reporting training efforts
  • Effectively training the remote/hybrid workforce.
Christopher Tierney, Senior Counsel-Compliance, BECHTEL
Kevin Cuddy, Government & Regulatory Affairs Executive – Export Regulation Office, IBM
Karina Vollmer, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer, PAE

Brad Kabanuk, Founder & President, CONTENT ENABLERS
Having robust third party due diligence procedures and policies is essential for avoiding compliance missteps and government scrutiny. However recent challenges surrounding the new remote/hybrid workforce, travel restrictions and budget cuts have made effective due diligence more challenging than ever.

Join presenters as they navigate key risk areas and recent case studies to explore due diligence best practices and solutions for any budget. With possible discussion on:
  • Recent trends and critical risks emerging from the pandemic
  • Identifying global guidelines and recent regulatory expectations
  • Strategically employing personnel, technology and outside partners
  • Successfully advocating for a third party due diligence and risk management budget
  • Understanding how to apportion your budget across high risk third parties
Irina Lazieva, Chief Counsel, Anti-Corruption Compliance, KBR
Stephanie Davis, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer, VOLKSWAGEN GROUP OF AMERICA

Kemi Okhumale, Director, Global Risk Monitoring, KPMG INTERNATIONAL
Join compliance experts as they provide insightful and practical guidance for responding to suspected wrongdoing. With possible discussion on:
  • Defining the scope
  • Choosing the team
  • Legal privilege
  • Interviewing individuals
  • Recording or disclosing the investigation
Sergio Leal, Head of MANA Compliance, Head of M&A Compliance, ERICSSON
Hayley Tozeski, Counsel, Head of Compliance & Monitor Liaison Office, ERICSSON

Rachel Maimin, Partner, LOWENSTEIN SANDLER
Listen and learn as compliance experts discuss the latest developments and emerging policies impacting data, privacy and cyber threats. Including possible discussion on
  • Data lakes v data swamps and the need for effective governance platforms
  • Global regulatory top takeaways- understanding the impact of PIPL, GDPR and LGPD on your compliance program
  • Best practices for effectively reducing the risks of ransomware attacks
  • Cybersecurity legislation 2022- understanding the bottom line
Eric Mahler, Vice President, Sr. Assistant General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer and Director of Legal Ops, MERITOR
Nick Sayeedi, SVP Legal, Deputy General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, DISH NETWORK

Tess Macapinlac, Lead Privacy Counsel, ONETRUST
According to the American Bar Association, only 36% of practicing lawyers are female and only 15% are minorities. With the FACES of ACES award, Momentum is drawing attention to this gap and seeking to recognize the women and minorities who have paved the way in their organization.

This award is intended for torchbearers in compliance who have established themselves as a leader and advocate in their company, or a compliance executive who has championed a project, helped build a community or earned a reputation as a reliable and helpful team member.

Know someone who deserves to be recognized? Please submit all award nominations to
Sanctions in Action- Lessons Learned and Best Practices Shared 

For the remainder of the session, presenters, using action case studies and live polling, will become facilitators, inviting audience comments, insights and questions. Dissect the facts and circumstances that lead to some of the most recent enforcement cases, including discussion on what companies should have done differently, best practices for avoiding missteps, improving compliance operations and staying clear of increasing US sanctions.

Joshua Fitzhugh, VP, Global Trade, FLEX
Claire DeLelle, Partner, WHITE & CASE
Prepare to roll up your sleeves and choose your own adventure as you specially tailor your onsite experience to meet the unique needs of your current compliance program. Designed specifically to tackle anticorruption and global trade compliance related issues, attendees will partake in sessions that relate directly to their responsibilities while leaving impertinent content behind. Formatted for optimal benchmarking, engagement and strategizing opportunities

Interactive Track Session 1 

Track A: Anti-Corruption

(RECORDED SESSION) A Message from the OECD - Navigating the Organization’s Latest Priorities and Recommendation for Further Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business Transactions 

On November 26, 2021, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (the “OECD”) updated its anti-bribery recommendation for the first time in more than a decade. Join global anti-corruption experts as they dissect the key issues addressed in the latest recommendation as well as changes to the OECD’s Good Practice Guidance and what these revision may mean for you compliance programs, controls, and practices.

France Chain, Senior Legal Analyst, Directorate for Financial and Enterprise Affairs, OECD

Track B: Global Trade

Fireside Chat with BIS, DDTC and DTSA- Exploring the Latest in Export Controls and Enforcement 

Benefit from an opportunity to hear from the leadership of key regulatory agencies as they engage in a lively discussion tackling evolving policies and priorities. With possible discussion on:
  • What industry needs to know: The latest expansion of MEU, MIEU and CCMC
  • Russia/Belarus
  • Interagency Cooperation
  • Enforcement- recent trends and key priorities for 2022 and beyond
Kevin Kurland, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Export Enforcement, U.S. Department of Commerce, BUREAU OF INDUSTRY AND SECURITY (BIS)
Adam Butschek, Compliance Specialist, U.S. State Department, DIRECTORATE OF DEFENSE TRADE CONTROLS (DDTC)

Cristina Brayton-Lewis, Partner, WHITE & CASE
Prepare to roll up your sleeves and choose your own adventure as you specially tailor your onsite experience to meet the unique needs of your current compliance program. Designed specifically to tackle anticorruption and global trade compliance related issues, attendees will partake in sessions that relate directly to their responsibilities while leaving impertinent content behind. Formatted for optimal benchmarking, engagement and strategizing opportunities.

Interactive Track Session 2

Track A: Anti-Corruption

The Anti-Corruption Compliance Handbook Exchange – A Comparative Analysis Exercise 

During this unique benchmarking exercise, listen and learn as seasoned compliance officers dissect and assess existing corporate anti-corruption policies and guidelines. Whether they are 4 pages or 40 pages, take note as presenters explore the various ways handbooks can be used to tackle complex ideas and scenarios, while providing best practices and invaluable suggestions for ensuring your guidelines can withstand government scrutiny.

Karen Moore, Chief Compliance & Privacy Officer, UNISYS
David Hilton, Managing Director, KPMG

Track B: Global Trade

Global Trade Update – Key Global Regulatory Initiatives Impacting International Trade Compliance 

Take note during this engaging panel as corporate leaders shed light on current changes and developments spanning the global regulatory landscape. Featuring a comprehensive overview of current and evolving regulatory initiatives as well as insight into how your company can best position itself to potentially capitalize on new opportunities and updated regulatory regimes.

Orisia K. Gammell, Chief Legal Counsel, Export Control, SAP
Jen Maki, Director, Global Trade Compliance, MICRON

James Holbein, Of Counsel, BRAUMILLER LAW GROUP
Prepare to roll up your sleeves and choose your own adventure as you specially tailor your onsite experience to meet the unique needs of your current compliance program. Designed specifically to tackle anticorruption and global trade compliance related issues, attendees will partake in sessions that relate directly to their responsibilities while leaving impertinent content behind. Formatted for optimal benchmarking, engagement and strategizing opportunities.

Interactive Track Session 3

Track A: Anti-Corruption

Tales from a Monitorship Roundtable: What to Expect When Transforming Global Operations Post Violation

Learn how your organization can benefit from the collective experiences of others as you are provided with insights into how your company can successfully recover and build a robust compliance program within your global organization post-investigation, settlement or prosecution. Including discussion on:
  • Monitor selection
  • On-boarding your Monitor, relationship building and the significance and importance of internal messaging and attitudes
  • Internal and external resourcing and relationship management
  • Goal tracking and journey mapping
Catherine Razzano, Head of Global Legal Compliance, TIKTOK/BYTEDANCE
Ryan Rohlfsen, Partner, ROPES & GRAY

Track B: Global Trade

Trade Violations, Penalties and Consent Agreements- A Case Study Exercise 

Join presenters as they dissect the facts and circumstances surrounding recent consent agreements and export violations. Featuring discussion on voluntary disclosures, penalties, internal compliance programs, and risk mitigation.

Laura J. Molinari, Director, Global Trade Policy, BOEING
Amy Harvick, Director, Trade Controls, AMENTUM
Topic 1: Board Room Successes – Strategies for Improving Buy-In, Engagement and Support 

Topic 2: Gifts, Entertainment & Hospitality – Identifying Blindspots and Lesser Known Pitfalls 
Kemi Okhumale, Director, Advisory Services, KPMG

Topic 3: Mergers and Acquisitions - Successfully Navigating Cross-Border Deals in High Risk Markets

High Risk Markets- An Operator’s Manual

During this exclusive, 2 part workshop, take note as leading US and global regulatory compliance experts expose the ever increasing operational challenges and lesser known compliance pitfalls when doing business in high-risk markets. Intentionally designed to promote the exchange of best practices, listen and learn as presenters share country specific guidance as well as success stories and lessons learned when navigating escalating tensions and emerging conflicts worldwide. Time will be left for audience questions. Content will evolve to meet current events.

  • Status report- where are we now and what comes next?
  • Commerce and Treasury Department priorities– understanding novel export controls and the impact technology sanctions may have on business
  • Preparing for the fallout– assessing the worst case scenario, what an Ukraine invasion could mean for the global supply chain and energy distribution.
  • Conflict readiness– a step by step guide for creating a cohesive, cross-department contingency plan. What does it look like, who is involved and proven steps for getting your leadership on board.
Workshop Leader
Lynn Van Buren, Global Compliance Counsel, SPIRE GLOBAL
  • Assessing the big picture and avoiding non-compliance — what the latest trade measures and export control laws mean for current and future business practices and compliance expectations
  • Preparing your compliance program for a sophisticated China, an update on recent practices and emerging strategies impacting EUCs, contracts and product certification
  • Right sizing due diligence to match MEU, MIEU and CCMC Regulations
  • Designing comprehensive and custom tailored training that can tackle the most complicated APAC compliance scenarios
  • Leveraging internal strategy groups and interoffice collaboration to create comprehensive policies and practices
  • Turning stumbling blocks to stepping stones– how trade experts’ hardest lessons learned, lesser known pitfalls and pressing paint points can be used to improve your APAC trade compliance programs
Workshop Leader
Jen Maki, Director, Global Trade Compliance, MICRON