Learn. Adjust. Implement.

The CTIS regulations alongside FDA regulations has given the clinical data disclosure and transparency landscape a renewed interest for professionals and requires a space for discussing best practices regarding global regulations going forward. This summit will explore how to quickly create experts in any sized organization on these clinical data disclosure policies and discover how to be confident in earlier disclosure of clinical trials.


Who Should Purchase

This event is developed for professionals from Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and Medical Device Companies with the following titles (Director to C-level):

  • $Clinical Disclosure
  • $Clinical Transparency
  • $Clinical Registration
  • $Regulatory Affairs
  • $Clinical Operations
  • $Data Privacy
  • $Clinical Development
  • $Medical Publications
  • $Medical Writing
  • $Medical Affairs
  • $Clinical Pharmacology
  • $Corporate Communications
  • $Corporate Operations
  • $Intellectual Property
  • $Statistical Programming
  • $Investor Relations
  • $Epidemiology
Secondary Market:
  • $Disclosure and Transparency Consultants
  • $Transparency and Disclosure Cloud Platforms
  • $Regulatory Services
  • $Data Anonymization Services
  • $CRO Pharma Solutions/Data Management Services
  • $Healthcare Communication Solutions
  • $Clinical Trial Disclosure Solutions
  • $Medical Writing and Editing Consultants
Top Reasons to Purchase
Achieve elevated confidence in clinical disclosure practices for US and EU standards on both a company and team level.
Construct a transparency team that will allow efficient clinical data disclosure practices for internal and external relations.
Discuss how to prepare clinical data for disclosure in the earliest and most compliant way to appeal to all governments involved in regulation and compliance.
Guarantee compliance documents are future-proofed for disclosure compliance and protection.
Understand clinical data disclosure enforcement and how to best avoid penalties.


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