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Why Sponsor?

Think of this as the anti-expo; delivering high-quality content and the right quantity of high-level attendees so you can:

    • Stand out as a Premier Solution Provider: We’re offering a limited number of sponsorship opportunities to showcase a selection of top solutions that address a variety of challenges.
    • Fully Engage with Decision Makers: Our top-notch content is designed for very Senior Leaders. We’re not building a massive audience across all levels of seniority, but a curated group of highly-qualified prospects with buying authority.
    • Be Seen as a Thought Leader: We have a very limited number of speaking spots for sponsors which allows us to position Presenting Sponsors as elite providers solving major pain point(s) that relate to the industry-expert-led agenda

    Sponsorship and Exhibitor Opportunities Now Open

    Limited Speaking Opportunities

    Position yourself as a Thought Leader and Premier Solution Provider by securing an exclusive spot on the agenda. Presenting Sponsors also get top-tier branding and premium Exhibitor benefits. There are openings for:

    • General Session Presenter
    • General Session Panelist(s)
    • Track Session Presenter(s)
    • Pre or Post-Event Webinar Host(s)
    • A seat on the Conference Advisory Board alongside Industry Leaders

    Exhibit Sponsorship

    • 8×10 Exhibit Space
    • Prominent Branding: (Logo Size and Positioning based on Sponsorship Level) 
      • Company Logo on all event signage
      • Company Logo in all marketing communications (email, print, social media, website, etc.)
      • Company Logo and Description listed in Conference Mobile App
    • All-access attendee passes (# depends on Sponsorship Level)
    • Discount on additional passes (% depends on Sponsorship Level)
    • Opt-In Attendee list

    Custom Sponsorship Opportunities

    Whatever your goals, we can customize a sponsorship package that will fit your needs and budget. 

    • Meet and mingle with key decision-makers in a casual atmosphere by hosting a social event for attendees.
    • Let us create a lasting virtual community for you to nurture long-term relationships well beyond the 2-day event. 
    • Boost your visibility on-site while making a good impression by branding a high-profile amenity or hand-out. 

    Here are a few examples of custom sponsorship opportunities and add-ons:

    • Host an Invite-only Dinner for a hand-selected group of up to 20 key decision-makers.
    • Throw a Cocktail Reception for all attendees to network over drinks and snacks.
    • Facilitate a Lunch & Learn for up to 15 of your top prospects to dive in on their challenges/pain points so you can demonstrate tailored solutions/use-cases.
    • Sponsor a Virtual Event to create lasting engagement with attendees before and/or after the conference.
    • Be an exclusive sponsor of:
      • Event WiFi with branded landing page
      • Charging Station in networking area
      • Tote Bags or Lanyards given to each conference attendee
      • Seat-drop: have promotional items placed at each seat in conference room

    Sponsorship Opportunities are limited, so contact us today for more information!