March 23-24, 2021 | Virtual Event Platform

The inability for reps to get into physicians’ offices paired with increased barriers for patients to both visit with HCPs and/or seek out online health/brand information; is a growing gap that needs to be bridged in the COVID-19 era.
At this intersection of physician, pharmacist and patient content there is opportunity for life science organizations to not only create content that matters – but meet your customers where they consume content and personalize it to their consumption habits.

This event will educate on how to create and distribute relevant, personalized content with consistent messages across various channels – as part of the right promotional mix. Companies that are able to convey messaging and truly valuable information to their audiences in this manner without pushing these people to simply purchase their products or services stand to earn enduring customer loyalty.

Building this trust, earning this brand loyalty and personalizing engagement with customers to deliver a positive emotional connection with your brand is the ultimate aim. The will cover everything from content creation, curation and context, to how life science organizations can better utilize data analytics to measure performance. All our speakers will be delivering insights that are making a difference to customers with content.

Speaker Highlights

Teresa (Lamore) Redmond
Teresa (Lamore) Redmond
US Oncology Digital Engagement & Channel Strategy - MERCK
Santos Torres
Santos Torres
Senior Director Of Marketing - BAUSCH HEALTH
Ronald Mintz
Ronald Mintz
Manager, US Digital Strategy - ZOETIS
Michelle Lo
Michelle Lo
APAC Lead Digital Media Excellence Essential Health - JOHNSON & JOHNSON
Alejandra Arguelles
Alejandra Arguelles
Rep Effectiveness Accelerator Digital Marketing Emerging Markets - PFIZER
Joseph Z. Ferry
Joseph Z. Ferry
Digital Marketing - MEDTRONIC
Lindsey Jones
Lindsey Jones
Sr. Manager, Multichannel Marketing - ABBOTT
Jayne Wignall
Jayne Wignall
Digital Marketing and Social Media Lead - FRESENIUS KABI
Gaetan Akinrolabu
Gaetan Akinrolabu
Associate Director, Paid Media and Social Media Strategy - BRISTOL-MYERS SQUIBB
Bob Libbey
Bob Libbey
VP, and Head of Corporate Content and Channels - BRISTOL MYERS SQUIBB
Douglas Camarano
Douglas Camarano
Digital & Multichannel Strategy Leader - ABBVIE
Rochelle Carvalho
Rochelle Carvalho
Senior Business Analyst (Digital Marketing l Market Research) - NOVOZYMES BIOPHARMA
Tiffany Bley
Tiffany Bley
Global Marketing Communications Manager, Robotics - ZIMMER BIOMET

Top Reasons to Attend

1- Develop content your customers care about: curate existing vs. create your own, finding the right context and deploying the right channels
2- Identifying the optimal at the intersection of physician, pharmacist and patient content
3- Analyze how to sustain authenticity in scalable video content while navigating regulatory approvals and staying within message guardrails
4- Learn how to create targeted, personalized messages that will engage customers where they consume content
5- Understand how to establish trust with your target audience to add value and credibility to your content
6- Utilize data analytics to accurately measure performance and better understand where your customers consume content and boost business performance
7- Evaluate how to pivot your content strategy in targeting patients and HCPs in a world where remote engagement is the norm

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Pharmaceutical/Medical Devices

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● Content Strategy
● Product/Brand Managers
● Marketing
● Digital Marketing/Strategy
● Patient Marketing
● Physician/HCP Marketing
● eMarketing/Digital Marketing
● Customer Engagement/HCP Engagement
● Multichannel Marketing
● Omnichannel Marketing
● Integrated Marketing
● Content Creation
● Social Media
● Public Relations
● Payer Strategy Marketing
● Information Technology
● Legal/Regulatory
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  • Virtual Matchmaking: Visit our virtual lobby and connect with fellow attendees using our platform’s matchmaking technology. You can chat, video, and even make a list of the people you want to meet and the knowledge you’re looking to gain through our bespoke 1:1 match-making services.

  • Roundtable Networking throughout the Summit will give you the chance to connect and meet in-depth your fellow attendees as well as our Sponsors and Speakers.

  • The platform we use allows us to make polls, QA, and chat during the sessions.

  • Virtual Happy Hour: Grab a drink and bring it to your screen to cheers from afar while continuing to chat with and get to know your fellow conference participants.
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