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An effective and proactive clinical quality risk management plan is fueled by data analytics. 

Reacting to limited snapshots of clinical data is resource-intensive and introduces the risk of hidden issues. Only through the application of descriptive and predictive analysis can you streamline clinical operations and expedite effective treatments for patients. Participate in this one-day virtual event on January 25th, to engage with like-minded peers and understand how to drive your company towards more proactive clinical quality risk management with easy applications of data analytics.

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Kristen Hunter
VP, Content and Experience


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Kevin Richards
Director, Analytics and Insights, Quality Investigations and Analytics

Understand AZ’s Journey to Design and Build a Clinical Data Analytics System that Fuels Inspection Readiness Activities by Prioritizing Risks

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Top reasons to attend

  1. Embrace the Industry’s Shift towards Increased Transparency, Cultures of Quality, and Data-Informed Decision Making in Clinical Trials
  1. Recognize the Undeniable Benefits of Leveraging Analytics to Optimize Clinical Quality
  1. As Resources Remain Tight, Understand how to Accomplish More with Less through Simple Applications of Analytics
  1. No Need to Reinvent the Wheel, Evaluate Available Tools and Infrastructureto Expedite and Streamline your Company’s Adoption of Clinical Data Analytics
  1. Streamline Clinical Operations and Gain the Competitive Advantage through Data Analytics

Who should attend

This event is designed specifically for professionals working in the pharma, biotech and device industries with responsibilities in any of the following areas:

  • Analytics/ Clinical Analytics/ Data Analytics/ Advanced Analytics
  • Clinical Quality/ Quality
  • Clinical Operations
  • AI and Machine Learning
  • Data Monitoring/ Clinical Data Monitoring
  • Data Management/ Clinical Data Management
  • Data Integration/ Clinical Data Integration
  • Data Optimization/ Clinical Data Optimization
  • Real World Evidence
  • Data Sciences/ Clinical Data Science/ Data Science Solutions
  • Data Governance
  • Technology Optimization/ Technology Innovation
  • Statistical Programming/ Statistics/ Biostatistics


✔ Virtual Matchmaking: Visit our virtual lobby and connect with fellow attendees using our platform’s matchmaking technology. You can chat, video, and even make a list of the people you want to meet and the knowledge you’re looking to gain through our bespoke 1:1 match-making services

✔ Roundtable Networking throughout the Summit will give you the chance to connect and meet in-depth your fellow attendees as well as our Sponsors and Speakers

✔ The platform we use allows us to make polls, QA, and chat during the sessions.

How Will The Virtual Event Work

Designed to provide a fully immersive experience that expands beyond the traditional video conferencing platform, Momemtum Virtual Events take place on a platform that includes the latest advancements to deliver a seamless and simple user interface to increase engagement across all participants.

Virtual Meeting Feature of Momentum
  • Exclusive event hub page accessible via desktop, tablet or mobile device
  • Virtual lobby with topic streams that creates a “community” atmosphere
  • Dedicated live stream session content
  • Live Q&A & Interactive Polling
  • Embedded AI powered match-making 1:1 meeting facilitation
  • Embedded video and/ or audio chat
  • Direct messaging
  • And much more…

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