4th Annual Kol Engagement Virtual Summit, November 5-6, 2024 | Virtual Event
Headshot of Raquel Guzman
Raquel Guzman
Director of Content & Experience

Discover best practices to create a matrix of collaboration for KOL engagements between Medical, Marketing, and Commercial teams.

Join us to delve into interdepartmental collaboration, insight management, and compliance adherence. Optimize operational efficiency and strategic outcomes while mastering soft skills and benchmarking your practices against industry standards. Ensure your competitive advantage and foster impactful collaborations in the pharmaceutical industry.


We are looking for experienced engagement professionals to share their insights on optimizing engagements with KOLs and join our speaking faculty. Do you have a story to share?


Sponsorship is a great way to enhance your brand’s visibility and help you connect with top-level decision-makers, innovators, and industry disruptors. There are a number of ways to maximize branding opportunities at the summit.

Top Reasons to Attend

Reason one to attend

Create efficient interdepartmental interactions across Medical, Commercial, Marketing, and Compliance to optimize KOL engagements and operational efficiency.

Reason two to attend

Enhance the collection, analysis, and application of insights to maximize their impact on business decisions and outcomes.

Reason three to attend

Leverage soft skills & communication techniques to master KOL relationship-building, optimizing collaboration and impact.

Reason four to attend

Meet the expanding demands of KOL engagement while strictly adhering to compliance guidelines and internal policies.

Reason four to attend

Benchmark your KOL engagement practices against industry standards and best practices, ensuring your strategies are competitive and effective.

Who Should Attend

This event is designed for pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device professionals with responsibilities in the following areas:  

  • KOL Relationship Management/ Development 
  • Opinion/Thought Leader Relations 
  • Medical Science Liaison (MSL)
  • Medical Affairs
  • Commercial//Marketing Strategy
  • Commercial Operations
  • Brand/Product Commercialization
  • Compliance, Legal and Regulatory 
  • External Engagement
  • Medical and Professional Affairs/Strategy
  • Medical and Professional Education
  • Medical Excellence
  • External Affairs
  • Physician Education/Outreach
    Scientific/Medical Communication, Relations and Affairs
  • Advisory Board Management
  • Speaker Bureau Training/Management
  • Speaker Programs
  • Professional Education/Programs
  • Global Relations
  • CRM Systems
  • Stakeholder Relations/Outreach
  • Medical Publications
  • Promotional Regulatory Affairs
  • Government Relations/Affairs 
  • Franchise/Business Unit/Therapeutic Area Management


✔ Virtual Matchmaking: Visit our virtual lobby and connect with fellow attendees using our platform’s matchmaking technology. You can chat, video, and even make a list of the people you want to meet and the knowledge you’re looking to gain through our bespoke 1:1 match-making services

✔ Roundtable Networking throughout the Summit will give you the chance to connect and meet in-depth your fellow attendees as well as our Sponsors and Speakers

✔ The platform we use allows us to make polls, QA, and chat during the sessions.

How Will The Virtual Event Work

Designed to provide a fully immersive experience that expands beyond the traditional video conferencing platform, Momentum Virtual Events take place on a platform that includes the latest advancements to deliver a seamless and simple user interface to increase engagement across all participants.

Virtual Meeting Feature of Momentum
  • Exclusive event hub page accessible via desktop, tablet or mobile device
  • Virtual lobby with topic streams that creates a “community” atmosphere
  • Dedicated live stream session content
  • Live Q&A & Interactive Polling
  • Embedded AI powered match-making 1:1 meeting facilitation
  • Embedded video and/ or audio chat
  • Direct messaging
  • And much more…

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