Hero Banner of Modernize Clinical Technology, Virtual event August 20-21, 2024. Build an Evidence-Based Business Case to Secure Internal Buy-in and Accelerate the Adoption of Clinical Innovation, such as DHTs, AI, and Analytics

Why is the clinical research industry so slow to adopt new technologies when the outcome is more effective treatments to patients faster? It’s not the promise of the technology that is the barrier, it’s catalyzing the change needed to implement.

Clinical leaders have to navigate the complexities of implementation by understanding how the adoption/application of innovative technologies minimizes risk in clinical trials, and how to effectively convey that message to ensure buy-in from stakeholders, both internal and external.


Examine How to Embed AI Capabilities into an Already Existing Clinical Quality Management System
  • Understand the driver behind AI implementation and what problem it was aiming to solve
  • Discuss the resources needed, how they were obtained, and how buy-in was achieved
  • Outline the implementation strategy and if the original plan was executed or it needed to adapt


Understand How to Leverage Data Analytics to Measurably Improve Clinical Quality Oversight
  • Discuss the utility of data analytics as it relates to clinical quality oversight
  • Discover tools for driving adoption and allocating resources necessary to execute at scale
  • Showcase metrics on realized efficiency and process improvements


Discover How Wearables Change the Name of the Clinical Game to Strengthen Clinical Trials and Data Collection in a Remote World
  • Understand how the adoption of wearables facilitated faster trial timelines and enhanced efficiency
  • Gain insights into stakeholder buy-in, change management, and key takeaways from the utilization of these technologies

Speaking Faculty

Top Reasons to Attend

Learn from successful case studies of innovative technology implementation and execution, such as AI and DHTs, and bring back actual evidence of increased clinical efficiency and data integrity.
Be amongst fellow clinical visionaries and game changers as we work together to collectively modernize clinical trials.
Understand firsthand the challenges and benefits of innovating clinical technology and how the business case was made to pave the way internally.
Learn effective communication strategies in order to articulate the value of innovative technologies in clinical trials to gain buy-in internally and externally.
Gather information and insider knowledge about where/how to get the resources needed to utilize innovative digital technologies, and how to effectively make the case to leadership on why they are necessary

Who should attend?

This program is developed for game changers in the industry who want to be the catalyst for innovation and advancement. We welcome clinical professionals with responsibilities in any of the following areas:

  • Clinical Technology
  • Clinical Operations
  • Clinical Innovation
  • Digital Science/Digital Health
  • Research and Development
  • Risk Management
  • Digital Optimization
  • AI and Machine Learning

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Sponsorship is a great way to enhance your brand’s visibility and help you connect with top-level decision-makers, innovators, and industry disruptors. There are a number of ways to maximize branding opportunities at the summit.


✔ Virtual Matchmaking: Visit our virtual lobby and connect with fellow attendees using our platform’s matchmaking technology. You can chat, video, and even make a list of the people you want to meet and the knowledge you’re looking to gain through our bespoke 1:1 match-making services

✔ Roundtable Networking throughout the Summit will give you the chance to connect and meet in-depth your fellow attendees as well as our Sponsors and Speakers

✔ The platform we use allows us to make polls, QA, and chat during the sessions.

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How Will The Virtual Event Work

Designed to provide a fully immersive experience that expands beyond the traditional video conferencing platform, Momentum Virtual Events take place on a platform that includes the latest advancements to deliver a seamless and simple user interface to increase engagement across all participants.

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  • Exclusive event hub page accessible via desktop, tablet or mobile device
  • Virtual lobby with topic streams that creates a “community” atmosphere
  • Dedicated live stream session content
  • Live Q&A & Interactive Polling
  • Embedded AI powered match-making 1:1 meeting facilitation
  • Embedded video and/ or audio chat
  • Direct messaging
  • And much more…