June 29-30, 2021 | Virtual Event


Ashley Csaki, Program Director, MOMENTUM
Holli Lewis, Vice President, Associate General Counsel, BROWN-FORMAN
Joe O’Murchadha, Head of Corporate Compliance & Ethics, LIDL
What Every Trade Professional Needs to Know, Divided into 2 segments, roll up your sleeves and lean in as Government experts, corporate executives and leading advisors provide exclusive insight on the current global sanctions environment while providing practical strategies and solutions for navigating real world roadblocks.

10:45 AM -11:30 AM Segment 1: OFAC Guidance and Global Overview

Join OFAC for a discussion exploring current trends and priorities surrounding the current global climate. With an up-to-date overview of emerging developments in China, Russia, Iran, Cuba and Burma as well as an overview of the latest OFAC guidance and best practices for avoiding fines and penalties.

11:35 AM - 12:15 PM Segment 2: Hindsight 20/20-Enforcement Breakout Session

Using real life scenarios, join industry experts in a small working group environment as you dissect the facts and circumstances that lead to some of the most recent enforcement cases. Attendees will be presented with a fact pattern before the session and will be expected to engage and interact during this intimate group exercise. Possible discussions to include what companies should have done differently, best practices for avoiding missteps, improving compliance operations and staying clear of increasing US sanctions.

Susan Rodihan Dupuy, Managing Director and Head of OFAC Sanction Compliance for the Americas, SOCIÉTÉ GÉNÉRALE
Rowan McDaniel, Head of Sanctions, United States, Financial Crimes Compliance, HSBC USA
Karen Robertson, Global Trade Compliance Officer, UBER TECHNOLOGIES, INC
Chris Pitcher, Vice President, Legal Compliance, Sanctions and Export Controls, MASTERCARD
Join key Government agencies representing a range of ABAC and International Trade enforcement as they explore key insights, policies and targets currently impacting compliance officers and operations. With possible discussion on:
  • Cross border enforcement and increasing cooperation between U.S. and foreign agencies
  • Enforcement priorities and trends under the new administration
  • Covid-19 and compliance expectations
  • Potential increase in parallel investigations
  • Individual accountability
  • Self reporting
Ryan Rohlfsen, Partner, ROPES & GRAY

Judy Krieg, Head of Fraud, Bribery and Corruption, Division B, SERIOUS FRAUD OFFICE (UK)
Patrick McElwain, Deputy Assistant Director, Homeland Security Investigations, Director E2C2, U.S. IMMIGRATION AND CUSTOMS ENFORCEMENT (ICE)
Join compliance leaders for a lively dialogue as they explore their top 5 most challenging scenarios and questions surrounding the ever problematic “third party due diligence”. Listen and learn as presenters troubleshoot common pitfalls as well as navigate emerging challenges in todays ever evolving global environment.

Pia Vining, Senior Director, Due Diligence, TRACE

Alicia Novak, Deputy Chief Compliance Officer, HARBOURVEST PARTNERS
Justin Ross, Chief Compliance Officer, FEDEX
During this engaging conversation, join compliance trailblazers for a deep-dive discussion on emerging trends and innovation surrounding data, analytics and trade compliance. Including “how tos” as well as practical and theoretical discussion on:
  • How data- driven risk assessments are working to reduce corporate liability
  • Leveraging data analytics in investigations
  • Employing predictive and behavioral analytics to spot non-compliance and fraud
  • Emerging technology and the growing role of Artificial Intelligence
  • Satisfying Government compliance expectations with data analytics
Bryan Judice, Senior Director Compliance, Office of Compliance & Ethics, PANASONIC AVIONICS CORPORATION
Dheeraj Thimmaiah, Global Director, Ethics & Compliance, ANHEUSER-BUSCH- INBEV
Aditya Yerramilli, Compliance Assurance & Advisory, Data Analytics & Forensics Manager, GOOGLE
Limited budgets, dwindling resources and fatigue are just a few of the challenges compliance officers face when building and rebuilding training programs. Listen and learn as panelist, representing different industries and budgets share their success stories for effectively engaging colleagues in compliance training exercises. With possible discussion on:
  • Gamification
  • Immersive experiences
  • Hypothetical and scenario based training
  • The use of Learning Management Systems and how to best track and report training efforts
  • Innovating on a budget- exploring affordable and easily accessible solutions
LaTanya Langley, Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary , BIC
Kelly Sargeant, Head of Communication and Training, Sr. Compliance Officer, ERICCSON
Holli Lewis, Vice President, Associate General Counsel, BROWN-FORMAN
Joe O’Murchadha, Head of Corporate Compliance & Ethics, LIDL
Ashley Csaki, Program Director, MOMENTUM
According to the American Bar Association, only 36% of practicing lawyers are female and only 15% are minorities. With the Faces of ACES Award, Momentum is drawing attention to this gap and seeking to recognize the women and minorities who have paved the way in their organization.

This award is intended for torchbearers in compliance who have established themselves as a leader and advocate in their company, or a compliance executive who has championed a project, helped build a community or earned a reputation as a reliable and helpful team member.

Know someone who deserves to be recognized? Please submit all award nominations to AshleyC@momentumevets.com


Holli Lewis, Vice President, Associate General Counsel, BROWN-FORMAN
Joe O’Murchadha, Head of Corporate Compliance & Ethics, LIDL
Companies that develop innovative technologies and/or collect and analyze sensitive data are increasingly subject to heightened scrutiny, risks, and requirements associated with national security-related policy and regulatory concerns. In this scenario-based workshop, a panel of professional services, legal, and in-house practitioners will identify and work through some of the recurring practical problems arising from changing U.S. trade and technology, sanctions, foreign investment, and supply chain controls. Issues covered will include:
  • Why are there all these new requirements and what activities do they affect?
  • What are “critical technologies” and how do you determine if your company develops them?
  • What products and technologies are subject to China trade restrictions and how can you determine if your company, or your business partners have them?
  • What data is sensitive and what risks and requirements can it create?
  • What supply chain risks does your company need to address?
  • What are some effective approaches to managing these diverse emerging risks and requirements?
Alan Levesque, Senior Managing Director, ANKURA
Building on lessons learned from previous sessions, presenters and attendees will have the opportunity to issue spot and trouble shoot as they roll up their sleeves and examine a “real world” scenario contemplating several regulatory violations across the global trade spectrum. Initially understood as a corruption violation, learn how Compliance Officer at “Company X”, upon further examination of existing violations, discovers that more systemic problems exist spanning export control and trade practices within the company. Collaborate and exchange best practices with speakers and the audience as you explore the various practices, protocols and procedures your company should have in place to ensure that proper checks and balances are enforced, between, amongst and across departments. Walk away from this session with tips for encouraging communication between legal and compliance departments.

Mai Der Shaw, Assistant General Counsel & Assistant Secretary ,HARLEY-DAVIDSON MOTOR COMPANY
Jennifer Maki, Director, Global Trade Compliance , MICRON TECHNOLOGY
Stephanie Accuosti, Global Head of Integrity Investigations , ABB
Prepare to roll up your sleeves and choose your own adventure as you specially tailor your onsite experience to meet the unique needs of your current compliance program. Designed specifically to tackle anticorruption and global trade compliance related issues, attendees will partake in sessions that relate directly to their responsibilities while leaving impertinent content behind. Formatted for optimal benchmarking, engagement and strategizing opportunities, prepare to lean-in, take note and share during these highly collaborative sessions, including:
  • Practical Scenarios : Sessions designed specifically around interactive hypotheticals, brain-teasers and real-world conundrums
  • Expert Panels: Featuring the thought-leadership of leading in-house practitioners, identify solutions and tools for overcoming today’s most challenging and relevant anti-corruption and global trade obstacles
  • Breakout Discussions: Designed with group participation in mind- attendees will be responsible for driving discussion on various topics. Come prepared to share your most pressing questions and trusted solutions.



Track A: Anti-Corruption

The Chief Compliance Officer Top 4: What Keeps You Up at Night?
Joined this seasoned panel of CCOs as they share their top 4 pressure points. Topics subject to change but may include:
  • The increased emphasis on compliance program efficacy
  • Budgetary restrictions
  • The evolving role and responsibilities of the CCO
  • Enforcement trends
Sergio Leal, Head of Compliance, MANA & LATAM, Head of M&A Compliance , ERICSSON

Track B: Global Trade

Trade Regulations Top 4- An Overview of Key Changes and Priorities surrounding ITAR, EAR and CFIUS Join trade experts for a comprehensive overview of their top 4 recent changes in trade regulations. Listen as speakers explore significant export amendments and shed light on what these policies mean for trade compliance programs. With possible discussion on:
  • Expansion of the Military End Use/End User Rule
  • Emerging and Foundational Technology Controls
  • Continued pressure on China under CFIUS
  • ITAR licensing and exceptions update
Tina Shaughnessy, Head of Global Trade Compliance , VARIAN MEDICAL SYSTEMS
Laura Molinari, Director, Global Trade Policy , BOEING
Track A: Anti-Corruption - Comparative Analysis: The Anti-Corruption Compliance Handbook Exchange

During this unique benchmarking exercise, listen and learn as seasoned compliance officers dissect and assess existing corporate anti-corruption policies and guidelines. Whether they are 4 pages or 40 pages, take note as presenters explore the various ways handbooks can be used to tackle complex ideas and scenarios, while providing best practices and invaluable suggestions for ensuring your guidelines can withstand government scrutiny.

Rashelle Tanner, Director of Compliance Learning Program, Office of Legal Compliance , MICROSOFT

Track B: Global Trade - Classification and Licensing in Action: An Interactive Exercise

During this case study discussion benefit from the opportunity to troubleshoot and discuss in real-time the classification and licensing of various types of commodities under current trade regulations. Utilizing a real-life scenario to explore different types of products and technologies learn what the appropriate classification for each product/technology would be and why based on current industry best practice, Government guidance and the current state of regulation. The session leaders will also share insights for handling items, products and technology where a conflict exists in classification determinations and definitions.

Neena Shenai, Chief Global Trade Legal Director, MEDTRONIC
Explore various international compliance issues in hot button regions all across the globe as you create a custom-tailored experience based on your own areas of interest. Designed to facilitate conversation, benchmarking and the exchange of best practices- presenters will come prepared with key talking points however no formal presentation will be provided.

In order to ensure that roundtables are as engaging and interactive as possible, attendees are encouraged to come prepared with questions and feedback to share with the table.

Roundtable 1 : Spotlight on China and Hong Kong : What Trade Officers Need to Know

Roundtable 2: Spotlight on Latin America: Corruption Pitfalls When Doing Business in Central and South America
Roundtable 3: Spotlight on Russia: Best Practices for Navigating Complex Scenarios
Orisia K. Gammell, Chief Legal Counsel, Export Control , SAP

Roundtable 4: Spotlight on Africa: Navigating Trade Compliance Risks Across the Continent
Neil Ray, Associate Director, Global Trade Compliance , ILLUMINA
Holli Lewis, Vice President, Associate General Counsel, BROWN-FORMAN
Joe O’Murchadha, Head of Corporate Compliance & Ethics, LIDL