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Chair’s Opening Remarks

C-Ebru Basaran-Shull, Director, Compliance and Government Affairs, Legal Department, Sargento Foods

Regulatory Town Hall – Perspectives from the FDA, USDA-AMS, FTC and NAD

C- La Toya Sutton, Attorney, National Advertising Division (NAD)
C- David O’Toole, Senior Staff Attorney, Federal Trade Commission
C- Trevor Findley, Deputy Director, Food Disclosure and Labeling, USDA

Listen and learn as  top level Government officials responsible for the implementation and oversight of food safety regulation and policies address current and proposed rules, recent regulatory actions, trends and priorities for tomorrow and beyond.

Labeling Spotlight- Emerging Developments in FDA, USDA and International Labeling Requirements

C- Andrea Bruce, Sr. Counsel Global Regulatory Law, Hershey Company

Join panelists as they explore the latest regulatory trends and priorities currently disrupting labeling compliance. Including discussion on FDA Nutrition Facts Panel requirements, allergen & gluten free labeling, as well as USDA guidance on bioengineered food disclosure standard and generic label approval. With additional discussion on emerging international regulations and country of origin considerations.

Certification Verification: Product Certification and Compliance Implications, What Every In-House Practitioner Needs to Know

C- Randy Liebowitz, Global Food Regulatory Counsel, PespiCo
C- Isha Saini, Director, Regulatory Affairs, Danone North America
C- Stefano Liparoto, Regulatory & Scientific Affairs Senior Manager, Kerry

From “non-GMO” and “certified vegan”, to “fair trade” and “diet trend approved” join in house practitioners as they shed light on the ever growing trend of certifications, exploring strategies for identifying which certifications to embrace and which ones to leave behind, as well as key considerations surrounding label compliance, substantiation and Government backing.

Lunch Break

Global Spotlight: Trends in International Food Law and Supply Chain Policy

C- Andrea Bruce, Sr. Counsel Global Regulatory Law, Hershey Company
C- Michal Littenberg, Partner, Ropes and Gray LLC

• Assessing China’s Regulation on the Implementation of the Food Safety Law and what it means for food import and export
• Comparative Analysis: Contrasting EU food labeling rules with FDA labeling requirements
• Update with recent Foreign Supplier Verification Program related violations

Where’s the Beef? How the Alternative Protein Industry is Transforming the Market

C- Jaqueline Chan, Kleinfeild, Kaplan and Becker LLP

According to a report by Global Market Insights, “the plant-based meat market, which is currently valued above $150 million, is expected to be worth more that $320 million by 2025”. And as consumer interest in the various alternative protein products grows, so does legislation and regulation. Including discussion on:

• Plant-based verse cell-based proteins
• Current and emerging state legislation
• Recent litigation and potential legal considerations
• USDA and FDA regulatory decisions on cell-cultured products


CanaBiz 101: How the Food and Beverage Industry is Keeping Pace with Budding CBD and Cannabis Regulations, Consumer Trends and Product Innovation

C- Nancy Whiteman, CEO, Wana Brands

Can you manufacture and sell products in the United States that contain CBD and/or THC? According to the FDA and DEA, the answer is no. However this has not prevented the food and beverage industry from entering the space at an unparalleled pace. Join this interactive panel for an enlightening discussion on the high risks and rewards of “canabusiness” , including discussion on current and emerging regulations in the US and Canada, advertising, manufacturing and transportation considerations as well as key insights for successfully getting your product on the shelf.

Chairs Opening Remarks

C-Ebru Basaran-Shull, Director, Compliance and Government Affairs, Legal Department, Sargento Foods

Segment 1 – Class Action Litigation: Expert Strategies for Reducing Vulnerability and Improving Operations to be Litigation Ready

C- Jennifer Elmer, Deputy General Counsel-Americas, Barilla America, Inc.

Explore the latest developments in class action litigation and best-in-class practices for avoiding class action suits, with discussion on: • Trends in false labeling, slack fill, “all natural” and multifunction ingredients
• Origin of products claims
• Lessons learned from the plaintiffs’ bar

Segment 2 – Predicting the Unpredictable: A Crisis Management Roadmap for Food and Beverage Companies

C- Bill O’Connor, Vice President and General Counsel, Heartland Foods
C- Ryan Rohlfsen, Partner, Ropes and Gray

With rapidly evolving industries comes rapidly evolving risks. Food safety, quality, contamination and recall mitigation have tasked industry practitioners for years but Covid-19 revealed how under-prepared many organizations were to respond to crisis. Join panelists as they share practical guidance and proven tools for building an effective risk management strategy that can handle traditional industry risks as well as less common operational disruptions such as natural disasters, civil unrest and global pandemics. Featuring in-depth discussion on risk matrixes, scenario planning exercises, technology solutions and more.

Proposition 65: 3 in 30

During this rapid fire session join industry presenters as they explore the 3 most relevant Proposition 65 developments of 2020. Potential topics include litigation over glyphosate, lead, and acrylamide, recent changes to regulations and trends in private enforcement.


The Claim Substantiation Handbook –An Insider’s Guide for Avoiding Major Missteps

C- Joy L. Fontaine, Chief Counsel, Marketing & Food Law, Mondelez Global

● Understanding the applicable regulations and evidence required for asserting a claim under FDA and FTC regulations
● Determining how much is enough when relying on scientific data and studies
● Identifying the common pitfalls and red flags surrounding claim substantiation
● Overview of key food and beverage product marketing and advertising claims
■ nutrient and health
■ structure/function
■ mental performance and focus
■ disease
■ comparative
■ calories/ingredients

FoodE Focus: Exploring E-Commerce Considerations for 2021 and Beyond

e-Commerce Policy and Legislation- What Food and Beverage Companies Need to Know

Data Protection, Privacy and GDPR

C- Katherine Licup, Chief Privacy Officer, Archer Daniels Midland Company
C- Joe Omurchadha, Head of Corporate Compliance and Ethics | DPO, Lidl

End of Day 2, Co-Chair’s Closing Remarks

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