10 Year Anniversary Food Beverage Exchange



Ashley Csaki, Director, Content & Experience, MOMENTUM
Join industry leaders as they provide unparalleled insight for creating and strengthening your eCommerce food and beverage strategy while remaining within the lines of regulatory compliance.

Featuring discussion on:
You are Chief Legal Counsel for “Company X", a mid-size beverage manufacturer best known for their popular carbonated fruit drinks. “Company X” has recently announced that they will be launching their next flavor exclusively on “Daintree”, a wildly popular e commerce site.

Using live polling and hypothetical fact patterns, presenters will walk attendees through various scenarios that post risk and uncertainty to even the savviest practitioner. Including an exchange of lessons learned and best practices for ensuring that proper checks and balances are enforced, between, amongst and across departments. With possible discussion on navigating:
  • Unauthorized Sales
  • Automatic Subscriptions/Recurring Payments
  • Consumer Reviews
  • Data Scraping and Collection
  • Terms and Conditions Review
Listen and learn as compliance experts discuss the latest developments and emerging policies impacting data, privacy and cyber threats. Including possible discussion on:
  • Data Security/Privacy Laws and Regulations
  • Ransomeware Attacks and Technology Pitfalls- Addressing the latest takeaways and lessons learned from recent attacks
  • Customer Data- Best and Worst Practices
  • Top 3 Security Measures- Identifying key safeguards for protecting your customers and business alike
Join representatives from the FDA, USDA-FSIS and FTC as they address key regulatory and enforcement trends impacting the food and beverage industry. With potential conversation on:
  • New Era of Smarter Food Safety- exploring the New Era Blueprint
  • Labeling enforcement, priorities and triggers- “healthy”, bioengineered labeling, organic labeling and “Made in the USA”
  • The new complaint portal for the National Bioengineered (BE) Food Disclosure Standard and Country of Origin (COOL) Labeling Program
  • USDA and FTC jurisdictional considerations
Using recent class action litigation, join industry experts in a small working group environment as you dissect the facts and circumstances that lead to some of the most recent class action lawsuits. Attendees will be presented with a fact pattern before the session and will be expected to engage and interact during this intimate group exercise. Possible discussions to include what companies should have done differently, best practices for avoiding missteps, improving compliance operations and staying clear of increasing class action trends.

Jennifer Millones, Chief Legal Officer, NEWMAN’S OWN FOUNDATION
Megan Galey, Vice President, Associate General Counsel, HOSTESS BRANDS, LLC
Adam Wegner, Chief Legal Officer, DAILY HARVEST
Katie Armistead, Deputy General Counsel, GRUBHUB

Amy Lally, Partner, SIDLEY
Prepare to engage, collaborate and benchmark during our highly celebrated breakout format. Featuring an exclusive, intimate group setting- breakout discussions are purposefully designed to promote the sharing of expert knowledge, best practices and lessons learned while maximizing networking opportunities and relationship building.

In advance of the conference, session facilitators agree to prepare a conversational roadmap and substantive materials intended to inform and further industry-specific dialogue. Attendees will be encouraged to come prepared with questions for facilitators as well as a willingness to participate in dynamic conversation.
Lean- in and learn as industry experts participate in enlightening conversation exploring the current geopolitical landscape. Uncover the ways evolving and emerging conflicts, risks and uncertainty are impacting food and beverage regulatory compliance as well as proactive strategies and policies for improving agility and awareness. Topics for discussion are subject to change and may include:
  • Russia/Belarus/Ukraine Update- identifying the conflict’s immediate and future impact on business- what compliance officers need to know
  • Sanctions and Trade Restrictions- an overview of the latest global sanctions and trade restrictions impacting the food and beverage industry
  • Emerging Unrest- assessing what impact recent social and political activism may have on your business and compliance operations
  • Inflation and the Challenge of Rising Food Costs
Randy Liebowitz, Global Food Regulatory Senior Counsel, PEPSICO
Bill O’Connor, Vice President and General Counsel, HEARTLAND FOOD PRODUCTS GROUP
Covid-19, inflation, imbalanced import/export and geopolitical unrest are some of the key factors that have recently crippled the international supply chain. Challenges with logistics, transportation and workforce have resulted in delays and the increased risk of food fraud, shortages and contamination. Take note as facilitators uncover some of the greatest compliance risks that emerge during a supply chain crisis and share proven strategies and tools for navigating disruption. With possible conversation on:
  • Understanding the Latest US and Global Regulatory Initiatives/Framework
  • Effective Risk Assessment and Supplier Due Diligence Policies and Practices • Cost Reduction v Risk Mitigation
  • Embracing and Encouraging a Pro-Compliance, Pro-Transparency Culture:Effectively Training and Empowering your Boots on the Ground
  • Food Safety Supply Chain Risk Solutions- Innovated and Practical Tools for Any Budget
“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” George Bernard Shaw

Lean in and take note as facilitators and attendees share best practices for effectively engaging and collaborating with the marketing and R&D departments. Featuring proven strategies and expert tips for improving cross-department communication, ensuring compliance and building respect from pitch to campaign.

Kathryn Farrara, Associate General Counsel, NA - Marketing, UNILEVER
Jessica Bahr, Vice President, Deputy General Counsel & Chief of Staff, CONSTELLATION BRANDS
You have recently joined the in-house legal team at “ABC Frooties” a popular kids snack company that prides itself on being a healthier alternative to junk food. As the company gears up for the Halloween season, you are tasked with assessing the latest ad campaign for their new “Frootie Bears” a fruit based, gummy candy that is being endorsed by @MommiEatsBest, a well known “Mommy Food Blogger” with over 1 million followers.

Using live polling and word cloud, join presenters during this interactive and engaging group session as you build an effective and compliant children’s ad- from start to finish.

Featuring possible discussion on:
  • The Latest in State, Federal and Global Legislation and Regulations
  • Updates to CARU’s Self-Regulating Guidelines
  • Social Media and Targeted Marketing- Best and Worst Practices
  • Influencers: What Compliance Officers Need to Know
  • US Children’s Privacy Laws and Data Collection Considerations
  • To Advertise or Not to Advertise: Exploring the Growing Trend of Avoiding Advertising to Children
Debra Policarpo, Senior Attorney, Children’s Advertising Review Unit (CARU), BBB NATIONAL PROGRAMS
Join presenters for an in-depth discussion on current and emerging food label priorities. With potential discussion on front of pack labeling, “healthy” and what the FASTER Act means for food manufacturers. As well as an update on USDA-FSIS Nutrition Label Reform and Bioengineered labeling and “Made in the USA.
  • Distinguishing plant based proteins from cell-cultured proteins
  • Current global regulatory frameworks (UK, EU and United States)
  • Emerging state and federal policies and regulations
  • Litigation trends and what they mean for your business
You have recently learned that your company will be partnering with the American Covid-19 Alliance, donating $1 of every purchase to Covid-19 related relief. Now what?

Listen and learn as regulatory and legal experts explore the rapidly growing field of cause related marketing and dissect the impact of charitable giving on your compliance operations. Including possible discussion on:
  • Commercial Co-Venturer (CCV) laws
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB) standards
  • Federal and State Laws, including Federal Tax Laws
  • Disclosures
  • Navigating Common Pitfalls
Kathryn Farrara, Associate General Counsel, NA - Marketing, UNILEVER
During this collaborative presentation, join presenters as they examine recent claims that resulted in scrutiny. Using live-polling, audience members should prepare to engage and provide real-time responses as the panel walks through the process for asserting a claim, while exploring common pitfalls and red flags. With potential discussion on:
  • Understanding the applicable regulations and evidence required for asserting a claim under FDA and FTC regulations
  • Determining how much is enough when relying on scientific data and studies
  • Overview of key food and beverage product marketing and advertising claims
    ○ Nutrient and health
    ○ Structure/function
    ○ Mental performance and focus
    ○ Disease
    ○ Comparative
    ○ Calories/ingredients
Alana Sharenow, Vice President, Assistant General Counsel, KEURIG DR PEPPER
Julie Ann Wagner, Managing Counsel, Regulatory Affairs, GLANBIA PERFORMANCE NUTRITION
Severe reputation risks arise when a recall hits. Listen and learn as industry experts explore proven practices for getting ahead of a recall, including effective and cost conscious practices that simultaneously maps the course for your company’s immediate response while preserving consumer confidence in your brand. Topics to be discussed will include:
  • Addressing the importance of taking preventive and preemptive actions before a recall hits
  • Developing effective crisis management and communication plans
  • Best practices for developing a message and dealing with the public’s expectations
  • How to manage the varying regulatory regimes and legal considerations

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