Re Imagine Medical Device Marketing
We have repeatedly heard that a drawback of attending events is that it is too cost-prohibitive to bring entire teams. Therefore, we have created a format that removes this barrier by providing medical devices with free passes AND free hotel stay to explicitly allow for teams to join the event. Furthermore, this ensures that the vast majority of the audience will be represented by medical devices companies to enhance both the content, offline conversations, and networking amongst your peers.


Interested in meeting with pre-approved Solution Providers offering cutting-edge solutions that can help you Re:Imagine your marketing plans? Apply for a Complimentary Pass to the Re:Imagine Medical Device Marketing in order to receive an All-Access Pass to the event at No Cost

Only 100 seats available to Medical Devices

Re Imagine Medical Device Marketing

The medical device market is constantly evolving and given the complexity of the market drivers and contractants, the solution is to build agility into the business with strong commitments to new product development, while maintaining and existing product lines. However, the pandemic has had a huge impact on medical devices such as rethinking our digital strategies, engaging customers, and adapting to working remotely while virtually engaging consumers and telehealth options.

As we see things going back to normal while moving forward from COVID-19, there are major setbacks medical device marketers have to worry about as well such as supply chain shortages, the minimal adoption of invasive devices, wearable technology, and the rise of outsourcing. It is important at the conference which will finally be back in person – for medical device marketers to look ahead both with upstream and downstream integrations on specific CRMs to improve on accurate forecasting, on time delivery with their marketing strategies.


Simon Baillie
Simon Baillie
Global Digital Marketing Specialist


Florent D’Souza
Florent D’Souza
Digital Experience Manager


Debbie Donovan
Debbie Donovan
Director, Market Development


Joseph Ferry
Joseph Ferry
Director of Digital Marketing


Susan Hopkins
Susan Hopkins
Head of Brand Strategy


Garima Mehta
Garima Mehta
Marketing and Scientific Storytelling Assocate Director of Content


Carrie Mulherin
Vice President of Marketing


Andres Pena
Andres Pena
Manager, Marketing New Business & Distribution Models


Enrique Ramos
Enrique Ramos
Director, Marketing and Strategy, Latin America, Diabetes


Wendy Suljak
Wendy Suljak
Senior Director, American Marketing (North)


Nick Wanliss
Nick Wanliss
Marketing Communications Manager


Holly Windler
Holly Windler
Vice President of Marketing and Communications


Re Imagine Pharma Marketing

Why You Shouldn’t Miss Our Upcoming Event

At Re:Imagine Medical Device Marketing

  • Recognize which CRM tools and channels sales teams prefer in order to develop strategically relevant and widely adopted marketing resources.
  • Learn how to best translate marketing content to sales and how to integrate sales feedback into future marketing outreach and campaigns.
  • Examining innovative strategies and displaying how these materials can be effectively adopted and used via reps in a customer facing manner through cloud systems.
  • Understand how to meet HIPPA compliance and requirements through communicating personal information to multiple parties.
  • Define, create, and launch a multichannel campaign to increase awareness, reduce myths, and misconceptions.

Re:Imagine Medical Device Marketing has been designed for

Directors/Heads/Managers of Marketers, Digital Strategy, from Medical Device companies

✔ Marketing
✔ Marketing/Marketing Communications
✔ Digital Marketing/eMarketing
✔ Digital Strategy
✔ Digital Health
✔ Multichannel Marketing/Integrated Marketing
✔ Brand/Product Marketing
✔ Upstream or Downstream Marketing
✔ Growth Marketing
✔ Account-Based Marketing
✔ eBusiness/eCommerce
✔ Communications
✔ Market Research
✔ Web Management
✔ Advertising and Promotions
✔ Social Media
✔ Sales
✔ IT

✔ Digital Agencies
✔ Component Suppliers
✔ Marketing Service Providers
✔ Interactive Marketing Providers
✔ Advertising Agencies
✔ Consultants
✔ Technology Experts

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