The TLL role continues to grow in the Pharma industry, more companies are adding the role and also they are expanding on different medical specialties. There are some trailblazers but not much consistency across the industry when it comes to describing and preparing TLLs

The event will provide the opportunity to unify ideas and consolidate processes unleashing to the fullest extent the TLL role both internally and externally.

Learn from the people that created the role from scratch on their companies as to how to maximize the time, role and the experience for everyone involved, how to select the ideal TLLs for your team, the needs to start a new TLL team, how to promote the role internally to build successful relationships with your peers, how to focus on the constant education of the role and more!


Bryan Bischel
Bryan Bischel
Renick Blosser
Renick Blosser
Associate Director of CNS Marketing and Thought Leader Liaison - ALKERMES
Christie Camelio
Christie Camelio
Compliance Chief & Ethics & Risk Management Officer - TG THERAPEUTICS
Sherry Crowe
Sherry Crowe
Independent Consultant - FORMER NOVARTIS
Matthew Denny
Matthew Denny
Director of Thought Leader Development Respiratory Biologics - SANOFI
Christa Gott
Christa Gott
National Director, Thought Leader Strategy, Oncology Marketing - ABBVIE
Heidi Hughes
Heidi Hughes
Advisor, External Engagement – Oncology - ELI LILLY
Jewel Johnson
Jewel Johnson
US Immunology Speaker Bureau Lead - UCB PHARMA
Grant Larsen
Grant Larsen
Chief Commercial Officer - AEQUUS PHARMACEUTICALS
Sarah Lewis
Sarah Lewis
Consultant, Global Thought Leader Center of Excellence - ELI LILLY
Owen Muir
Owen Muir
Founder and Chief Service Officer - BROOKLYN MINDS
Nicole Taylor
Nicole Taylor
Director, TL COE and Medical Affairs Central Capability Strategy - ELI LILLY
Saru Wade
Saru Wade
Sr. Director, Thought Leader Engagement - ALKERMES

Top Reasons to Attend

  • Promote the right people to your TLL team find out which skills are needed to thrive on the role, the importance of the soft skills and the willingness to gather insight
  • Stay in compliance with regulations while engaging with KOLs and External Experts Learn about the OIG Fraud Alert and the Sunshine Act that have direct impact on the TLL role and the HCP interactions
  • Collaborate compliantly with Medical and with Commercial to leave a great impression on the HCPs and also to lower the burden internally.
  • How to start the TLL role successfully on the company and also how to build a new TLL team for a new medical specialty
  • Recognize the importance of engaging with Digital Opinion Leaders (DOLs) and how TLLs can effectively manage social media interactions
  • Networking Sessions and networking breaks added as part of the agenda, collaborate and engage with small groups of colleagues some topics brought previously by the speakers.


This event is designed for pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device professionals with responsibilities in the following areas:

  • TLL (Thought Leader Liaison)
  • Thought Leader Engagement
  • KOL Relationship Management/ Development
  • Regional Marketers
  • Associate Director of Marketing
  • Opinion/Thought Leader Relations
  • Speaker Bureau Training/Management
  • Speaker Programs
  • Speaker Advisory Boards
  • Key Customer Engagement Manager
  • Regional Marketing Liaison
  • Global Stakeholder Strategy and Insights
  • Associate Director, Opinion Leader Programming
  • Global KOL Manager
  • Sr Manager, International and Global Customer Meeting Services
  • Global Thought Leader Center of Excellence
  • Medical Education, Launch, and TL Engagement
  • US Customer Meeting Services
  • KOL Marketing
  • Associate Director, Medical Marketing
  • Digital Communication
  • Media/Multimedia
  • External Engagement
  • Commercial Operations
  • Marketing Operations
  • Field sales/Field Directors
  • Strategic Account Management
  • Advisory Board Management
  • Professional Education/Programs
  • Global Relations
  • Compliance, Legal and Regulatory
  • CRM Systems
  • External Affairs
  • Stakeholder Relations/Outreach
  • Physician Education/Outreach
  • Promotional Regulatory Affairs
  • Franchise/Business Unit/Therapeutic Area Management
  • Brand/Portfolio Management
  • Brand/Product Commercialization
  • Commercial//Marketing Strategy

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