July 28-29, 2021 | VIRTUAL EVENT

This event is designed specifically for Thought Leader Liaison/Engagement function. For too long this community has been a small part of MSL based events and fully deserves it’s own platform for sharing of expertise, content, challenges and trends. The practice of connecting/engaging KOLs with brand strategy, content and with internal marketing + sales functions requires a high level degree of expertise from TLLs. Therefore, this event will serve to provide the first of its kind event for TLLs to learn, network and understand how to demonstrate value for the role within your organization.

Establishing and – more importantly – maintaining/managing the relationship within your company and the KOL is the key area of importance. This event will focus on this intersection of managing and maintaining the KOL engagement with marketing and sales.


Bryan Bischel
Bryan Bischel
Renick Blosser
Renick Blosser
Associate Director of CNS Marketing and Thought Leader Liaison - ALKERMES
Christie Camelio
Christie Camelio
Compliance Chief & Ethics & Risk Management Officer - TG THERAPEUTICS
Sherry Crowe
Sherry Crowe
Independent Consultant - FORMER NOVARTIS
Matthew Denny
Matthew Denny
Director of Thought Leader Development Respiratory Biologics - SANOFI
Jamie Goddard
Jamie Goddard
National Director, Thought Leader Liaisons, Field Marketing - REGENERON
Christa Gott
Christa Gott
National Director, Thought Leader Strategy, Oncology Marketing - ABBVIE
Heidi Hughes
Heidi Hughes
Advisor, External Engagement – Oncology - ELI LILLY
Jewel Johnson
Jewel Johnson
US Immunology Speaker Bureau Lead - UCB PHARMA
Grant Larsen
Grant Larsen
Chief Commercial Officer - AEQUUS PHARMACEUTICALS
Sarah Lewis
Sarah Lewis
Consultant, Global Thought Leader Center of Excellence - ELI LILLY
Owen Muir
Owen Muir
Founder and Chief Service Officer - BROOKLYN MINDS
Rocco Panaia
Rocco Panaia
Director, Immunology - REGENERON
Nicole Taylor
Nicole Taylor
Director, TL COE and Medical Affairs Central Capability Strategy - ELI LILLY
Saru Wade
Saru Wade
Sr. Director, Thought Leader Engagement - ALKERMES

Top Reasons to Attend

1- Establish best practices working virtually with KOLs and advisory boards: Determine the right length, platform and preferred outreach model for each of your KOLs as well as the optimal size of your advisory boards, to keep everyone engaged and connected during your time with them.

2- Understand how to comply with regulations and oversight while engaging with KOLs and External Experts:  The TLL role is monitored constantly by the FDA and it is imperative that the TLLs are aware of the capacity and extent of the key role they play with the KOLs and External Experts.

3- Create a positive and long lasting Customer Experience providing input to differentiate your company from the rest: Developing the TLL role is extremely important because it is driven not by the sales but for the patients wellbeing.

4- Complete the circle, collaborate and work in synchrony with your MSLs and your KOLs: Develop a collaborative relationship with your MSL peers is very important to ensure that all teams working with opinion leaders are on the same page, and that messaging to them is synchronized.

Evaluate the importance of connecting with Digital Opinion Leaders (DOLs): by recognizing DOLs, life science communicators can expand the authenticity and reach of their messages across social networks to enhance brand recognition and loyalty.

5- Identify, recruit and develop KOLs to consistently build your TL base for the franchise and the brands: Create a culture within your organization where the KOL is an asset, invest time and resources on your KOL for them to be engaged and collaborate in every step of the process.

6- Demonstrate true value of the commercial role of the TLL: Break the paradigm about TLLs and bring the right focus and attention to your role within the wider commercial enterprise. 


This event is designed for pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device professionals with responsibilities in the following areas:
  • TLL (Thought Leader Liaison)
  • Thought Leader Engagement
  • KOL Relationship Management/ Development
  • Opinion/Thought Leader Relations
  • Regional Marketing Managers
  • Market Access
  • Speaker Bureau Training/Management
  • Speaker Programs
  • Speaker Advisory Boards
  • Digital Communication
  • Media/Multimedia
  • External Engagement
  • Commercial Operations
  • Marketing Operations
  • Field sales/Field Directors
  • Strategic Account Management
  • Advisory Board Management
  • Professional Education/Programs
  • Global Relations
  • Compliance, Legal and Regulatory
  • CRM Systems
  • External Affairs
  • Stakeholder Relations/Outreach
  • Physician Education/Outreach
  • Promotional Regulatory Affairs
  • Franchise/Business Unit/Therapeutic Area Management
  • Brand/Portfolio Management
  • Brand/Product Commercialization
  • Commercial//Marketing Strategy

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