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Momentum proudly develops events that attract the best and brightest minds who come together to share their knowledge and connect with the individuals that matter most. We are here to ensure your career always stays in motion, gaining the energy it needs to tackle any challenge and capitalize on every.


Momentum proudly develops events that attract the best and brightest minds who come together to share.

Benjamin Greenzweig

CEO, Co-Founder

Ben has 20+ years of B2B event experience, made his first sale when he was 5, has run two half marathons, is a long-suffering Mets fan which he is convinced only breeds strong character and unwavering resolve, got engaged on the stage of a country music concert, is originally from the New York City area and currently resides in Westchester County with his wife Casey, his three children, Max, Molly & Shea and loyal family dogs Shelby and Ty.

Bryon Main


Another 20+ year industry veteran, Bryon, a conference producer by trade got his career in this industry started at the Institure for International Research. He co-founded ExL Events when he was 27 years old and grew that company to be the industry leader for conferences for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. After being aquired by Questex, Bryon joined Momentum as a co-owner, on a mission refine internal processes and technology, and connect people through live events and unique experiences across industries and topics.

Shari Gelfand

VP, Marketing

Shari is an accomplished marketing leader with 20+ years experience in the B2B event industry. Her passion in marketing began at the Institute for International Research, then ExL Events and now continues at Momentum. She loves spending time with her family and traveling in her spare time.

Marni Edelhart

VP, Content and Experience

Marnina (“Marni”) Edelhart is Vice President of Content & Engagement at Momentum Events. Marni joined the Momentum team as Director of Content & Experience in the spring of 2015. After 10+ years of event production experience, Marni has developed the cross-industry, multi-vertical relationships that foster exciting conversations and inspire innovation.

In Memory Of Matt Godson


In 2012 Matt left the American Conference Institute to launch Momentum Consulting and Momentum Events.

Born in London, Matt Godson studied Economics at Manchester University before joining Baker Tilly Accountants. Matt joined the Events Team at the Business Design Centre in London in 1994 launching, leading and supporting several high-profile conference and exhibitions including IDW, ART, and London Music Week.

In 1997 Matt joined the London Telecoms event team at the Institute for International Research producing more than 120 annual events globally in the Telecoms, Technology and Broadcasting sectors. Transferring to the New York offices of IIR in late 2000 and promoted to Regional Marketing Director, Matt launched IIRs Large Scale Event initiative with the highly successful Pharmaceutical Marketing Congress, CRM Focus, Design and Culture, Prepaid Markets Expo, In Building, CDMA World Congress and many more.

In 2004 Matt joined the American Conference Institute as Head of Marketing and assumed responsibility for the US and European Marketing Operations in 2007. Matt was an accomplished trainer and public speaker having presented at industry conferences in the US, UK and Europe.

On July 31 2017, Matt passed away after a quick battle with gliomatosis cerebri, an extremely rare brain cancer. He was one day shy of his 45th birthday. Matt is survived by his wife, fashion designer Emily Shalant and his sons Charlie & Giles.

A beloved husband, father, son, brother, friend and partner, his legacy will live on, preserved by the countless lives he touched, the people he made better, the ideas he created and the vision that helped form Momentum.

“And we may never meet again, so shed your skin and let’s get started, and you will throw your arms around me.”

Diversity and Inclusion Commitment

Momentum’s “What’s Next” ideology goes beyond the content at the conferences we produce to the individual experience at each event and our commitment to ensure that all attendees feel welcome and represented. Momentum proudly prioritizes diversity and inclusion across all aspects of our event development process, from the speakers we invite to the topics we choose to address. When you attend a Momentum event you will feel our unique difference in the candid conversations, engaged community and transformative learning that rely on the simultaneously inspiring and respectful environment we create.






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