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Incorporating Blockchain and AI: Is it Even Possible?

On paper, incorporating Blockchain and AI sounds possible – but is it really? Learn how to make it happen here.

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There are two new technologies everyone in the tech world and beyond are talking about: blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI).

Each technology alone has the potential to change healthcare in major ways. Each will change the way we share and exchange patient information.

At first glance, it sounds like a match made in heaven, but it could be more difficult than one might think.

Can these two groundbreaking technologies work together? Learn more below about incorporating blockchain and AI into one unstoppable technology.

Blockchain Explained

Blockchain technology utilizes a decentralized ledger, largely used in the world of cryptocurrencies. Each block in the blockchain represents a single transaction.

The whole blockchain stores information on servers across the globe. Because there is no central point, it has no vulnerable point of attack for hackers.

Artificial Intelligence Explained

Artificial intelligence (AI) often takes on an aesthetic found in science fiction novels. We imagine robots and computers with the capacity to take over the world.

In general, though, AI refers only to technologies with the capacity to act independently. AIs operate on pure logic without the burden of emotions. This could allow healthcare systems to sift through information more effectively.

This could also make healthcare more efficient and precise.

Blockchain and AI Together Forever

If healthcare innovators can integrate these two technologies, they could make one powerful tool. While AI is concerned with data analytics and machine learning, blockchain offers high levels of security.

AI relies on access to large amounts of information. One of the biggest problems facing AI advancements is access to databases.

Blockchain technology offers an open registry of data, accessible to anyone with a computer.

With more secure networks due to blockchain technology, AI has access to larger databases. This gives AI a chance at making more precise and accurate analyses and predictions.

The Problem of Trust

Standing in the way of any technology is the problem of trust. That is the people of the world are wary of how technology might impact daily life.

People may be afraid of vigilantes stealing their confidential healthcare information.

Many misunderstand the possibilities for blockchain and AI in healthcare systems and much more. The benefits of these products far outweigh the risk.

This era could be one of more effective healthcare delivery and organized systems. Blockchain promises more secured information. AI promises greater analysis of data and more streamlined processes.

The Future of Decentralized AI

Despite human efforts, grappling with future possibilities can be difficult. The power of blockchain and AI separately have already begun to change the world. When we put the two together, we may see unstoppable revolutions in technology.

This could be a future free of disease and conflict if we play the cards right. These technologies could open to door to the future of which we have always dreamed.

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