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If you think that traditional advertising methods like print advertising are old news, think again. Print marketing comes second only to search engine marketing when ranking the top paid advertising methods.

Multiple marketing experts agree that not only is print marketing still relevant, but it’s also crucial to combine it with your digital marketing efforts.

This is what’s known as “integrated advertising”. You’re using print marketing alongside and to augment your digital and social media marketing campaigns.

How exactly can you do this? Keep reading for a couple of ideas.

1. QR Codes

Whether you’re sending out a newsletter or plastering posters around your town advertising your new product, be sure that it features a QR code. QR codes are codes that can be scanned by smartphones and other digital devices that instantly take the person to your website or social media page.

This drives the print media audience to your social media/online presence, boosting your traffic and your reach. You can also use the QR code data to see who’s interacting with your print campaign, where they’re scanning the codes, and whether they stay engaged with your online content after they scan the code.

2. Print Your Hashtags

Hashtags are mostly a social media or online marketing tool, but that doesn’t mean you can’t print them on your marketing materials. This makes all of your campaigns, both print and digital, more cohesive.

It also creates wider recognition between all of your consumers. Whether they see your hashtag on Instagram or on a pamphlet, they’ll know it’s you and what you’re about.

3. Encourage Consumers to Post Print Media Online

Consider making your print campaign a digital one as well. What do we mean?

Let’s say you’re a frozen yogurt shop with posters all over your town that display your hashtag or your logo. Let people know that if they take a picture with one of these posters and post to their social media with your hashtag, they can get 10% off their next purchase.

This not only encourages cross-channel engagement, but it will also bring in more customers, and help your marketing campaign grow.

4. Don’t Forget a Call-to-Action!

You must be familiar with call-to-actions with blogging, email, and other digital marketing. It’s a statement or “call” for the reader/consumer to take action by contacting you, buying your product, looking at more content, etc.

Don’t forget to feature these on your print marketing as well! Throw a phone number, an Instagram page, a YouTube channel, etc at the bottom of the printed material, and encourage them to follow you on those social media channels or contact you through them.

Integrated Advertising Is the Future of Print Marketing

These are just four ways that you can use integrated advertising to combine your print and social media marketing campaigns. Looking for more ideas from leading print and marketing experts? Consider attending our Print Event happening August 6-7, 2019.

Can’t attend? Contact us instead to learn about other similar events that can expand your marketing and business knowledge.