Patient Centricity in the Supply Chain

The 2020 Pandemic has taught us valuable lessons on the Pharmaceutical Industry supply chain management’s operation cycle.  How Patient Centricity directly correlates to a positive outcome on the pharma company’s end-to-end operations.  Patient-Centric supply chain management has always been the center of focus since the pharma industry’s past decade.

Even before the Pandemic disaster struck, most large companies and industry experts of the segment were prepared with a streamlined Pharma Supply chain to tackle the unfavorable circumstances.

The worldwide health sector did suffer losses, but they were mitigated by the quick response and effective handling systems that most companies had developed in the past decade.

However, most pharma and Life science companies still do not have a proper supply chain process in place, let alone a Patient-Centric supply chain.

It is all the more essential to take a step forward and strategize your company’s supply chain with customer-centric principles.

The Patient-Centric Supply Chain – Virtual Event deep dives into the subject matter of patient centricity and its influence on the Pharma Supply chain segment.

Patient Centricity in Pharmaceutical Industry |What does it mean?

In the digital world where consumers have become more empowered, pharma companies should come out of their comfort zone, challenge the monotonous procedures, and incorporate patient-centric approaches in their supply chain management.

Patient centricity in Pharma means that all the processes – From initial conception to reviews to deployment should all be built upon a singular focus – Your customer.

However, patient-centricity is not exclusive to Pharma and the Life sciences industry.

Other industry sectors, such as Insurance, e-commerce, etc., are working towards a patient-centric approach in their capacity. They are spending billions to achieve the desired outcome for the company and its customer.

Driving Factors for Patient-Centric Supply Chain

The core driving factors for patient-centricity in the pharmaceutical supply chain are customer demand to participate in health care assessment and personalized therapies.

Another important legal aspect is the regulatory body’s mandate to integrate the patient’s perspective into the pharma product development and approval process.

Segments of the Pharma Industry that requires changes to incorporate customer-centricity:

Although all departments need to know the value of patient centricity and implement it in their process, the most affected ones are below.

R&D pharma phase: For advanced patient-centric methodologies, the initial development teams should access the relevant data and explore patient engagement strategies in the initial stages.

As the phases gradually advance, it becomes tougher to incorporate patient-centric principles.

Commercial Department:  For most company revenue-generating departments such as Sales, Marketing, Distributors, Drug stores, etc., implementing patient-centric values is a mammoth task.

It is a process that is still in its nascent stages and needs a complete overhaul to achieve satisfactory results.

Pharma Supply Chain:  The pharma supply chain is one of the lengthiest compared to other industry sectors.

It is a complex process that takes a lot of time, resources, and labor to accomplish.

Even after the product’s deployment, there is no guarantee of a no-recall.

While some prominent companies have already taken the initial steps towards a Patient-Centric Supply Chain and achieved phenomenal success during the 2020 pandemic, others are still grappling with the common principles’ initial implementation.

Get to know more about the best practices implemented by successful pharma industry leaders in the Patient-Centric Supply Chain – Virtual Event.

Challenges and Critical Strategies Patient-Centric Pharma Supply Chain

The challenges due to the 2020 pandemic increased the pharma supply chain’s scrutiny and demonstrated the ingenuity and speed at which pharmaceutical companies can move.

The pharma supply chain segment emerged successfully from the pandemic; however, there is a much-needed improvement in the whole cycle.

Critical Patient-Centric Strategies

Measuring progress toward a more systematic patient-centric approach needs critical strategies to succeed in the supply chain evolution.

  • Identifying the fundamental objectives that integrate patient perspective into various processes in the drug life cycle and using them effectively.
  • Utilize digital and data analytics of the end-to-end pharma cycle and evaluate opportunities to engage with your patients.

Subsequently, collect the data on treatment and therapy outcomes and unmet needs.

  • Tracking progress due to customer-centric principals’ implementation – the critical performance factors and the ROI due to effective execution.
  • Ensuring Supply Chain based on customer centricity can Satisfy Patients, Stakeholders, and Employees at the Same Time.

Patient-Centric Supply Chain – Virtual Event also includes more expert advice from the Pharma Industry leaders, which have:

  • Building Patient Centricity into the Customer Journey
  • Planning and Forecasting in Global Crisis Situations like COVID-19
  • Embracing and Enabling Digital Innovation in Global Supply Chains
  • Adopting Commercial Supply Chain Best Practices into Clinical Supply Chain


The Patient-Centric Supply Chain – Virtual Event is structured around the crucial principles and applications of patient-centric values in the Pharma Supply Chain.  To gain more insight into the streamlined processes used by industry leaders Register here!